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Suicidal thoughts

So so tired

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Can I grieve for myself?
It feels like I have already died!
What will I feel in the end?, its reality is difficult to comprehend.

Thousands of people are dying from covid and wish they did not whilst I continue to contemplate suicide such a lot.

Sat here listening to a Marie Curie end of life video on what to expect in the run up to my death,will it be prolonged or a sudden affair? Will I gasp for life during my final fight?

Will I be plagued with guilt for what I chose that day or just accept my destiny and just slip away.
So many questions that go unanswered and the inner turmoil rolls on with future happiness a distant dream especially when I am gone. :(


Keep on keeping on.
@So so tired , I read your post. You sound pretty down.

Yes you can grieve for yourself and also comfort yourself like a person offer comfort to someone who is grieving.

I hope feel a little better soon.

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