suicidal thoughts

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    They come at random
    When I least expect them
    One minute I’m happy, the next sad
    They fill my head
    I’m only hanging on by a thread
    When the fuck will it all end?
    When can I finally say it’s all over?
    I just want my life back
    But it would seem that won’t happen
    I don’t want to feel this depressed
    How do I escape this torment?
    There’s nowhere for me to turn
    No safe haven for me to seek
    Not even my boyfriend’s love can
    Save me from this torture
    I’m losing my mind
    Oh fuck no, here they come again
    “Jump off a bridge
    Get hit by a train;
    Your life is worthless
    You’re going insane.”
    I just want this torture to end
    Can’t you see how sad I am?
    Can’t you see I need you?
    Mother, don’t turn away
    Brother, you’re only making it worse
    Sister, why did you leave me?
    You are all blind to my pain
    Or do you choose to ignore it?
    If I don’t get help soon
    My life will be over
    I know it, I can’t deny it
    But no-one cares if I die
    So why do I still try?
    Try to fix this fucked up life
    Even though it’s beyond repair
    Just someone end my torture
    I don’t like thinking
    Suicidal thoughts
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.