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Suicidal Thoughts

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by zura, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. zura

    zura Guest

    :dry: I never really knew what was really wrong with me...Aways being so confused..Now,everything's so clear..The world hates me..Everybody doesn't need me..I'm always alone..I live alone and I shall die alone..I'm nobody in particular.So what's the fuss if I juz kill myself?Is this my life?Cos what I think is I'm not given the option to live as I desire my life to be.So I'm living a life with no life,got it?...I feel like a zombie,so empty,hollow,sorrowful..Who cares?Even the ones who care,mostly hypocrite-bunch...I wish I was never being born...My suicide's juz a matter of time...time's never a great healer........
  2. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    hi, welcome to the forums,

    The world doesn't hate you, i don hate you niether do other people on this forum and we are apart of this world just as you are. we dont want you to kill yourself, we want you to stick around here and stay with us! coming here and talking to us is the first step, and i hope we can give you some kind of support to stick in there, this is a very loving forum and i hope you stick around to see that. Please stay and talk to us

    take care

    vikki x
  3. zura

    zura Guest

    What a borink life...18 years of shitty pure robotic life...It sucks to be an inteligent person..Everything's so scheduled n schematic..People think I'm normal n perfect,..Deep down inside,thousand displays of me dying being simulated like a projectile motion(Intro To Physics)...I've kept everything inside of me for so long,that starting from this year,I really blow up like hell-fire...Now,they'r shock..I'm capable of extreme anger and sudden paroxysm...I'm gonna kill myself with abounding happiness..But for d time being,juz wanna go wanderin around,...juz wanna see if I'm stoppable or juz plain hard-headed bitch...:mad:
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2006
  4. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    Hmm you and me both. I will never get the life that I want... well not without doing anything short of faking my death and changing my identity... but that is besides the point.

    The general feel I get from this group is that it is better to be alive and miserable than to be dead. But that is me, I am rather angry about being under moderation. ANYWAY, I know that I will die alone as I get further away from my family. I know that once they all have kids and read my "Forgotten_Man and kids" Pamphlet I will be abandoned and alone. So I will have like 5 cats so when I die they will eat me and it will be awesome.

    Unfortantly time moves without our consent. We cannot stop it so no matter what we have to keep moving.... just ride the current until you die. Dying alone or dying with someone it is all the same because you are dying.
  5. zura

    zura Guest

    Today I've taken 8 pills of all sorts...I feel nothing,guess this way is so immatured,I simply out of the source where I'm gonnna get any suicide pills...I juz wannna my suicide to look acccidental so that no one will knoe bout it...Maybe i should slit my wrist...I feel so pressured,too many things to mull over...I haven't slept for four days,lack of food,so many assignments to b completed,exams...etc...I've atttempted suicide but never succeeded.......:mad: What's d point of livin if I worrry bout my life 24 hours 7?Moreover,I got no shoulder to lie own...It's a queer thing that I keeep on laughin alone while countin my days.....
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