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Suicidal Thoughts

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New member here. I don't want to go in-depth in this post, but I have written a blog post in the past, please feel free to read it.


In the post, I haven't been truly forthcoming about shit that happened to me as a child, but I always thought I had dealt with it well enough. It's only recently I think i'm realising it's fucked me up. If anyone's interested, I may divulge the details in the future.

I have a therapist, but not comfortable about truly opening up (the extent of what they know about me is exactly what is in the blog post). Not sure if I ever will as it's hard to tell someone face-to-face about childhood events. I'm relying on the partial anonymity of the internet to get my feelings across.

I'm gonna start reading other posts and I hope I can also help others on this forum who have similar feelings.

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Hi Caop nice to meet you. I have a therapist as well IT took me a long time to trust my T and open up It does helpto talk okay YOur Therapist has heard many tragedies about children and he can help you heal but only if you open up fully to him or her. It does hurt bring all that pain to the forefront but once it is there you can adressess it okay and deal with all of it I am glad you are reaching out here because many here will understand your suffering and fears hugs to you


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I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog today and you're definitely not alone. I hope you start to feel better and are able to continue to talk to us.
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