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Suicidal urges and guns

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Richards, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Richards

    Richards Member

    OK, I realize this is probably the stupidest post ever given her, but I ask that people try at least to give reasoned responses without unneccessary flaming.

    I am a gun owner and I also get suicidal thoughts. I beleive in having the right to bear arms (I respect those who disagree but please lets not turn this into a attack on gun owners.....I really don't feel like being shit on right now). I am being treated for depression, yet I can't tell my doctor that I have had suicidal urges since it will impact my chances of getting my liscence renewed (I live in Canada where the rules are insane).

    I would never harm another person under any circumstances since I don't beleive that anybody has the right to harm another person, so under no circumstances would I ever do the columbine thing. I hate violence and would never hurt somebody unless it was to protect myself or a loved one.

    Does it not seem that by having all these restrictions for people with suicidal thoughts we make it hard for them to open up? I once posted that people should be able to admit suicidal thoughts while having their privacy respected. If I tell my doctor that I have had such thoughts I will lose my guns. Furthermore, it will be harder to get life insurance. Also, many government jobs would be unavailable to me.

    If I wanted to die, I could do it anyway, even if they took my guns, so why does this have to happen. Why is it that admitting my problem seems to create more problems?

    Should people with depression not be given the benefit of the doubt unless there is reason that they may be a threat to others? Does it not seem that there are severe repurcussions to admitting you have such thoughts?
  2. Jacob1973

    Jacob1973 Well-Known Member

    I have been researching suicide for months and men have a higher rate with this than with other methods. That is why they ask, and with the events of mass shootings in the past 30 years, its going to be in the eyes of the health professionals. Lots of people have them for protection, but unfortunately, there has been a small percentage of bad incidents that have put guns into a bad light. I have refused to answer this question because of that issue of gun rights verses an overly protective healthcare system. (I call it the MOTHER mentality, as in "bobby, dont shoot your eye out with that bb gun".)

    In societies such as Japan and Britain, where guns are all but illegal, the suicide rates are actually higher than in the USA, but they have turned to other methods, and often methods that are very dangerous to other people around after the "incident". I wont go into details, because it can be found online.

    People will do it regardless if they are so inclined, but the thought in the health system is that if you "remove a way", then it might not happen. I dont think anyone can actually provide statistics one way or another as to whether that is true or not.

    A lot of this is also pushed by anti-gun groups that dont think anyone, except government (and even then they wish they didnt either), should have guns. A lot of false statistics are pushed and even made up by these liberal groups.

    The laws are often against people, because of this fear of gun violence. People(doctors/psycologists/etc) often overreact in our modern society because they think they are "erroring on the side of life". That being said, there may be times when certain people should not have firearms, for obvious reasons. In countries such as Canada, which has been openly hostile toward guns, its especially hard for someone simply trying to get the help they need.

    What I would do is temporarily store them in a safe place, such at a relatives house, in a safe, and give them the keys until you get the treatment you think you need. I will leave it up to you as to whether you should tell them you have them, but personally, I feel its none of their business if you are not an immediate danger to yourself or others.
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