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  1. nimbusadjust120

    nimbusadjust120 Account Closed

    A very good evening to everyone in this forum. (singapore time: 7:21pm). I am a 3rd year MBBS student in singapore. I was just burned out from my school schedule and i was feeling depressed and lost. I just need to find some comfort in this forum. I didn't have much courage to post about my problem in because people know me and i didn't like to see my school counsellors for this. I just want to talk. I want to find a place to vent. I didn't want things to turn out so bad until i need to go find a place to attempt suicide because i have a friend (marathon-addict) who is helping me by recommending me to this forum to look for help. I didn't want to get her in trouble by talking rubbish in the chat-room and also talking things to make you people feel annoyed with me. I am a medical student and i cared about my status. I need someone to tell me what to do and guide me back on the right track.
    I find my schedule very tight and i got no life at all. I didn't think about it so much for my past 2 years in medical school but now, i cannot take it anymore.
    :-( I cannot confide in my parents because i am not close to them (they wanted me to study business but i refused). Now i am in trouble and i don't know what to do and who to confide in. :-(

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

    PS: Thank you to the admin for activating my account fast so that i can start to post in public. Thank you a thousand times.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Medical Student that is a very stressing course You need to talk to someone okay you will not be the only one in that course that is stressed to the max. Acknowledging you need help is the first step
    Talk to someone okay someone you trust Maybe you course study is too heavy can you drop some of the courses and take them in the summer time spread them out a bit.
    The coucillor at your school are put there for a reason and that is to help people when they are struggling to help them succeed.
    YOur parent will understand you just have to maybe slow down a bit take some time off if need be
    I know i see how stressful the medical students have it so know you are not the only one okay reach out get some help
  3. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    Yea, being any type of student full time is a stressful atmosphere, can you take a couple days break? Maybe jump in the car and go for a long drive somewhere, spend the night, go for a hike, get out of being inside and not have to look at those walls or to hear a lecture would relieve some stress for you.

    Do you have a gym at your school, if so go burn yourself out on a treadmill, or swim laps in a pool. Anything that will make you pysically tired(not just mentally) will help you feel better.

    If the thougts have gotten to far or your making plans, then maybe a trip to your doc would help out.

    Im glad you make it to this site, this site is awesome and has brought alot of things to mind that I didnt think of before, Ive also make some new friends here that can understand and hear what Im saying.

    PM anytime you need an ear, hope you find what your looking for here.
  4. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    what is MBBS?

    I hope that you are able to get some help here.

    LOTS of medical students are stressed out. I don't think that you need to be embarrassed about seeking help. I imagine that your school councilors would observe confidentiality. Maybe you could look into their policy on confidentiality?

    If you won't see the school councilors, maybe you could see an md privately?
  5. plshelpme

    plshelpme Well-Known Member


    may71 sent me a message and told me about your thread...i am a medical student your shoes!!! ...i'm a first year student...depressed/suicidal and learning how to save lives (ironic, right?)...

    you're not alone AT ALL...actually, depression in med students is very very fact, it was recently published in research somewhere that med students are more depressed than the general population...i have the New York Times article written about that research linked below...

    also, the news recently has realized this phenomenon, and several articles have been written about it between august and november of 2010...the second link is a very good article...especially because you need to figure out the source of your depression and suicidal thoughts...that article cites two different "types" of depression found in medical students: one is caused by burnout, and the other by "personal distress"...

    if you are burned out, you may not need medical just need a vacation...i don't know the system in singapore, but maybe you can take a brief medical leave??? and then start up again after taking some time off...

    however, if the source of your depression is personal, it's much more complicated...although you said school has burned you out, often the stress of school causes our personal problems to surface, instead of the stress actually being the problem...

    feel free to send me a private message on here...i will respond ASAP...also, i will try and check this thread regularly if you don't want to PM me...but, ironically, i have an exam on January 19th, so i'm a little busy right now, but i try and stop through here once a day...after the 19th, tho, i'll be here more regularly...

    and you've come to the right place...SF is very comforting...come talk to us!!!

    hang in there!!!

    also, can you explain the medical education system in singapore???
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