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  1. I was planning my suicide and had a date because I can't take it anymore, but I decided why must I die when the person who caused me to become this suicidal angry person should pay. I been stepped on by people many times this time I had enough this doctor would pay I don't care at this point. I didn't decided to be this way people turned me into this miserable angry person
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    Re: Suicidal & Homicidal

    I think you seriously need to seek some professional help at this point, both for yourself and to keep from hurting anyone else. My suggestion would be to go to the emergency room or a crisis center.
  3. Whispers

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    Re: Suicidal & Homicidal

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  4. Re: Suicidal & Homicidal

    If I go to the emergency room which I plan to do there's a high chance that I get in the psych ward where the doctor I want to hurt works in. I can't have a weapon in the psych ward, but I will punch him until they stop me. I don't care about the consequences at this point.

    This doctor has cause me to hate myself, turn people against people me, made me suicidal and hopeless. Since I'm a nice guy he would say hurtful things to me. I let him get away with this I never been so angry in my life, there's so much to this story but that's enough to understand.

    This guy has ruined my life and I'm not overacting why wouldn't you want hurt someone who cause you to feel the way I'm feeling? I know if I take all my anger out when I beat him I would feel better.
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    Re: Suicidal & Homicidal

    Hmmm. Unfortunately, violence - punching someone in this case - won't solve the problem. It might "feel" like some kind of release for your rage, but it's illegal to assault someone, and there ARE definitely consequences. I can see hospital security pinning you down, charges being laid, and you ending up in long-term psychiatric care, perhaps in a prison psych ward. Doesn't seem the best outcome for you, does it? And the doctor would likely just walk away from it, chalk it up to an unstable patient.

    In all seriousness, this site does not condone or agree with violence as a solution because it is illegal to assault people.

    However, I really would like to know how this doc got you to hate yourself. What happened? You are very upset and maybe if you tell us about it, we can find other legal solutions. If the doctor was out of line, there are other ways to deal with that - report him to the licensing board, etc.

    It would help if we knew more, and I'd like to hear about it.
  6. Re: Suicidal & Homicidal

    Sorry I don't feel like writing anymore I've been warned, but what I wrote should be enough for any person to get revenge.
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    Re: Suicidal & Homicidal

    Hello sir. I would very much like to talk to you. Would you mind chatting? You can PM me or IM me in the main chat room. Look forward to talking to you.
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    Er? How old are you? Have you spoken to your parents about this? I don't know if you are a teenager or an older person. What exactly did the doctor do to you that makes you so angry? You said you have been stepped on by people many times. Can you give us an example. The truth is we know very very little about you. We don't even know if you are male or female. Whatever it is that you are experiencing, it sounds horrible enough that you consider taking your own life. Then you want revenge. Sounds to me like you need to know that you are currently affected by your emotions.
  9. Hello sir I'm 22 and a male. There's really no point to writing to strangers who won't help or do anything about this situation. I don't know why I start threads on the Internet I just can't believe what's going on my life. I'm going to try and confront this person and let him know what he did and if it ends in me punching him in the face I don't care. You guys can't relate to my situation I'm just view as crazy because I want to hurt someone. I'm not overreacting either how would you guys feel if someone*

    -Ruined something you worked really hard for be taken away from you*
    -Told your clinic and therapist lies which resulting in being kicked out
    -Having your clinic want nothing to do with you because one doctor spread lies about me
    -Be misdiagnosed with psychosis because one doctor decided to (If you have psychosis in my clinic you're kicked out)
    -Tell you lies like your clinic wants nothing to do with you
    -Makes you feel hopeless and suicidal

    This doctor is a evil person and I let him walk all over me. I'm kicked out my clinic without a reason. I'm now in a clinic full of crazy psychosis patients where I'm threatened by the doctors that if I don't continue treatment I'm being sent to the hospital. This is not the full story, but if you were in my shoes you'll understand. I had enough of people, people caused my depression and made me*suicidal.

    My life is a nightmare I'm planning to kill myself because this anger I have towards this doctor might end up in me being a killer.
  10. Acy

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    Hi. I'm sorry so many things have happened to you. I'm not sure I completely understand what happened...I'm hoping you'll explain a bit more for me.

    What did the doctor ruin that you had worked so hard on? (Was it the clinic support you had before?)

    I gather that the lies he told were to your clinic about "psychosis"? What kind of psychosis does he claim you have? (There are delusions, hallucinations, paranoia...etc.) What did he say you have said or done that means you have some kind of psychosis?

    Did he tell you that your clinic didn't want to see you anymore before or after he told you have psychosis?

    You were going to the first clinic, but then saw this doc...How did you end up seeing this doctor? Referral, in hospital, part of the clinic's procedures?

    Have you actually spoken with your therapist/counsellor/doctor from your first clinic to see what they say?

    If this doctor is manipulating you and others with lies, I can understand your anger. You certainly are entitled to feel angry, but punching him won't change anything. Getting a reprimand and threat to his license to practice would likely have a greater impact on him.

    I hope you'll talk to us some more and answer the questions above.
  11. I work really hard for 7 months with my therapist. The clinic knows everything about me it's the only real support I ever had in my life. It took me about 3 years of trying other clinics and I finally found the right one which I'm kicked out of now. I'm not going waste more years of my life funding another clinic like them they were perfect.

    I was in the psych ward two times with the same doctor. First he told the clinic I had romantic feelings towards my therapist then he decided that I couldn't work with her anymore. The second time I was there I was so stressed out by not having my therapist I keep saying I was dead. He admitted that he was wrong that I didn't have romantic feelings for her. Once I was discharged I saw in the discharge papers he diagnosed me with psychosis.

    He kept it hidden from me and now I'm in a clinic where they think I have psychosis and romantic feelings. I even asked him do I have psychosis he said no.

    I needed a clinic to be discharged to so he called my old clinic to see if they wanted me. He told them I had psychosis and romantic feelings so they didn't want me back. He told me "they want nothing to do with you" "there done with you"

    I was sent by my old therapist because I was feeling suicidal.


    I called the first clinic to see why I was kicked out they said I was never kicked out, but they might take me back in august. The lady in charged called of the first clinic called me delusional and said I had romantic feelings.*

    When i was in the psych ward she told me she wanted to work with me, but it's up to the psych ward to decide so the doctor convinced her not to work with me. I haven't spoke to her in a month I'm planning on calling her, but I don't know what to say I don't want tell her I'm committed suicide.

    I really doubt I can affect his license. As you can see this doctor ruined me and my treatment. I'm planning to visit the psych ward to see him again if that fails I'm just going to overdose on pills and die. I refuse to start my treatment all over because one guy decided to ruined it. Things will never get better in my 4 years with depression I never felt this bad ever in my life, this is a sign that I need to commit suicide.

    I'm in so much pain that I can't stop crying or stop thinking about what's happening to me this is unreal ! I hate being awake I want it to end I can't get peace. I been having nightmares for about a month which scared me to the point where I don't want sleep or be awake. I'm full of anger and hate everything I worked for is gone. He turned the people I love into people who want nothing to do with me. Sorry for all this writing life just can't be real I'm being tortured here !!!!
  12. Acy

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    Thank you for explaining it all. What a difficult and frustrating situation for you. :hug:

    I can see how all that would make you angry. If he told you that you did have not these problems/things but he's telling others you do, asking for an explanation from him seems reasonable.

    However, staying calm while you talk to him will help you more than getting really upset and certainly more than getting violent will. Sometimes doctors write off our feelings as "overreaction" or part of our "issues." If you stay calm, you aren't giving him anything to fuel that sort of thinking. So, keep your cool. But I agree it's fair to ask him about these things.

    Also, if he told you that these were not problems you have, perhaps he could call the first clinic and get you back in with your old therapist since it was his comments that got you removed from that clinic. :dunno: Worth asking him, perhaps.

    The worst case scenario is waiting until August for the old clinic to take you.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. Try not to let your anger rule how this plays out. You can do this calmly and get good results. Take care and stay safe. :smile:
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