Suicide and mental illness.

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  1. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    I'm interested to know what others think about this.

    ''If someone commits suicide, do you think they were suffering from a mental disorder?''

    Most people associate suicide with mental illness, when in fact only 10% of people who commit suicide are mentally ill. The psychiatrist I see said that lots of people commit suicide out of choice. A choice that isn't distorted by mental ill health. I believe that some people just can't be bothered with life, nothing to do with depression. It seems wrong that everyone who feels suicidal is encouraged to seek professional help. Can't some people just be pro choice?
  2. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    It seems wrong that everyone who feels suicidal is encouraged to seek professional help. Can't some people just be pro choice?

    ]Its true that there are many reasons
    that brings people to end their own lives &
    not precipitated by brain dysfunction,
    e.g. people who are suffering from
    an incurable illnesses such as cancer.
    On this reality I am pro Jack Kevorkian.
    They ask for help from the professionals
    to keep them from screwing their methods.
    On top of it, to escape or lessen the pain of death.
    From this point of view ,I certainly support pro chpoice.

    " Do No Harm " ( kiss my black ass)
    has been obsolete since the proliferation
    of incurable diseases.
    Obviously they never thought that
    this context it'll be debunk of the information superhighway.
    This phrase is tainted with religionism.
    Capitalism,the more they prolong your agony
    the more money to all,hopitals, Drs.
    drugs company,ets.. ets..

    Bear the freakin Cross.
    There is a prise for you in the sky ( see the moon or the sun).
    He is too lazy to carry them so he/she wants us to carry it.
    Well I don't wanna to,I am an Aetheist Mr..
    I have enough.
    And whoever Follows it today are all fools.
    This is the21st century .
    Don't you think ,this is out of context now?
    If books have its current edition this phrase
    should have been edited long time ago.
    But who perpetrates them to continue
    the goddamn morality of religion.
    No premarital sex,
    morality based on convenience.
    Let us not go there ,or
    I will lose my previleges.
  3. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    You could go into lots of things of "what is a mental disorder."

    When I say I'm "mentally ill," I don't mean it in the way others' mean it. I don't like the term anyway. What I mean is that I'm chronically traumatised and people have to be careful around me otherwise I'm going to feel sick. It means that although people like to say I'm 'psychotic' and 'delusional' or 'manic' 'depressed' and 'suicidal' there are very valid reasons behind those things. But people don't like to look at those reasons- it's just easier to say she's schizophrenic or bipolar.

    That diagnostic manual thing looks at people in isolation from their environment.

    You go to a psychiatrist and you're being fed what you're supposed to think and how you're supposed to feel about yourself from them. If I didn't have my gf in this world and when I was approaching mental health services, I'd have killed myself, and it wouldn't be because of a 'mental disorder' it would be because nobody was confirming my reality because my reality was different from what others said it should be (and no I wasn't 'psychotic', I was "just depressed" then.) When you're around people who are constantly imposing their mindless, droning shit on you, trying to "understand" you within their own very limited and militant scope of understanding, you're going to feel crazy. You're going to feel out of control. You're going to feel trapped. She knows exactly what I mean about how fucked up the psychiatric system and people are in general and repeatedly told me not to expect anything from them.

    You can 'not be bothered with life' and have a diagnosed mental illness (again being diagnosed with a mental illness doesn't mean you're "mentally ill") you can 'not be bothered with life' and never seen a psychiatrist and be diagnosed with a 'mental disorder.' Not being 'bothered with life' can occur with people who are in the psychiatric system as well as people out of it, people are generally dealing with life and how they see it, in their own ways.

    And people kill themselves for lots of reasons, reasons involving abuse, rape, memories, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, lack of money etc all of which are very individual involve a lot of factors including deep rooted social problems. The way I look at my ED is very different from how I see others do it. My ED is a consequence of things that are so complicated, not only to do with an 'abusive father who happens to be muslim too' FFS. It's also very much linked to things that are external, including the psychiatric system and society/people themselves.
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  4. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    I meant not be diagnosed with a mental disorder.
  5. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    The most widespread mental disorder I'm aware of is called consciousness. Once a person achieves a certain level of perception and realizes the realities of life, he or she is in mental distress whether he or she admits it or not.
  6. thedudeabides

    thedudeabides Active Member

    that sort of reminds me of myself in some ways.
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