Suicide and trial

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  1. MLD999

    MLD999 Member

    I have been accused and charged with some disgusting crimes that I know deep down I haven't committed.

    I have no fight left in me, although I have a strong legal team behind me. I have already seen how people have reacted about my private life and how their minds have changed on my guilt. All of my private life will come tumbling out in open court. If I die it is because I have just become so mentally and physically exhausted that I have nothing left to give, not because I am guilty. Whilst my darling amazing wife is all that is keeping me alive at the moment I am not allowed to communicate with her.

    Would my death mean that people will assume I am guilty?
  2. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Hi Mark,

    I think you're a nice guy from what I've seen. And as for your question, I don't know what assumptions can be made now or in the future no matter what happens. Not sure how much you or others put stock into court verdicts and such. :hug: It has been great meeting you though in chat and stuff. I'm glad you are enjoying being on SF thus far, and I hope the pleasant experience continues for a long time to come. :)

  3. In a Lonely Place

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    Hey Mark, if your innocent then you just have to believe the truth will come through in the end,no matter how upsetting it's gonna be to go through it.
    To answer your question,sadly I think that people would see suicide as an admission of guilt and you did it to escape justice.
    Hang in there and try to keep positive
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