Suicide as a lifestyle theory

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    I was thinking little bit... Some things went wrong in my life again and it messes everything good every f?cking time. Was anyone thinking about having "suicide" as a lifestyle or is there anyone who lives that way, I would love to talk with a person like that... I will try to explain what am I talking about, for those who experienced nice things in life and who knows there are better life for you but life was and is just too cruel and f?cked you up big time... So let's say you want to kill yourself because you cannot have X stuff in your life anymore or you can't be person you want anymore, or you can't have money or appeareance or whatever people want.. And you are suicidal for a long time and you are fed up with agony.... If you lead suicide as a lifestyle agony will simply disapear, because there will be only 2 possible outcomes... I will put simple example... You are sick and you have no money... You want to look good and have enough money not to worry about.. In RL you would be suicidal messed for x months or years.. But if you are ready to say "f?ck it" than take some loans, go as far deep in debts everywhere you can, start gamble, start invest or do some 100% risky stuff, you are sick, buy get conected, buy yourself stimulants(not legal stuff), buy every chemistry that will get you up and work out as hard as you can... There ARE chances you will somehow get everything what you want by risking crazy, and there are like 80% chances you will fail and you will be "cornered" and completely messed, but at the end will it be worse than it was? I mean you want to kill yourself.... Im not 100% inspired today so maybe my exapmpe and explanation is not really spot on.. but if someone understands what am I talking about, I would love to hear opinions,..
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    Or you are just in a life with out any hope.. You don't even know whàt you want anymore or ever wanted from life .. You tried risky and came down hard.. You tried "not legal stuf" and was handled like you are skumm of the earth.. Yeah suicide is so mush part of every day every min... Every breath ... Is planing to escape this claws of the people keeping you here ..urghhhh
    There isn't even a feeling anymore or blaming for what went wrong or what is going to went wrong only the numb feeling of nothing..!
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    I think I'm getting what you're saying. So basically you're saying that when you know things aren't going to improve, mind as well go nuts with maxing out credit cards and living dangerously before you feel it's enough?

    There is that to do but, eh. I care too much about being sentimental and maybe I care a little too much on what people will think of me when I go. For me it's the case of, there'd need to be x amount of close people for me that has to die before I can consider going reckless. There needs to be an x scenario for me to consider that also. Such as finding myself on the streets and living on it for a few months knowing that there will be no one and nothing to help me get out of it.

    In regards to the example at hand. I don't think I'd go so far to ruin myself any more than how I feel on how ruined I currently am. But let's just say if I was on those streets, knowing nothing is going to help me. I've got cancer and I've been told that I've got 3 or some odd months to live. I decide to do something very extreme, like if I decide that I don't want someone living anymore. Now there have been some determined people who go on a crazy shooting and shoot themselves in the end, knowing very well that if they get caught, justice is swiftly going to deal with them.

    However, my idea has a little twist. What tires me about shootings is that it's done to innocents. Innocent people who didn't ask for bullets to be fired at them that day. So, my target wouldn't be everyone around me because they've got purposes and they're trying to figure themselves out. Me, I'm guy with cancer with x months to live, gotta make it count. So, I want to find the most hateful, bigoted and probably racial too profile person I can find. Someone who lives in hate and is spreading it to keep the pot stirred so people keep fighting eachother for his own amusement.

    I want to silence that guy. Or maybe, you know, I throw my life towards trying to find some crazy serial killer the FBI is having difficulty finding and I just happen to know some links that'll lead me to him before they know. What if I want to silence him myself? I should, I'm a guy with cancer with x months left. So I've made my worth, I've made a difference, so that way my suicide would've been a happy one to know I accomplished that since I would've felt that I couldn't accomplish anything else in life.
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    (Possible) SPOILER ALERT ...
    Have you seen Gran Torino, Nycifer?
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    Nope. Care to detail?