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Suicide Education

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I like learning, and being suicidal, like learning about suicide. In my spare time I enjoy reading various psychology books, medical books, biology books relating to human anatomy, and even a bit of chemistry. I think I've visited just about every website on the net to do with mental disorders, suicide, depression, etc. I have found the websites that also promote suicide, provide methods, including feedback from people who have witnessed/tried them, and even guides on how to successfully plan and execute a good suicide, including how to overcome the human survival instincts. Not to mention the fact I also have a powerful imagination, sense of logic, and improvisation.

I have found myself addicted to educating myself on the topic, and realize that the more educated I become on the matter, the more likely I am to suceed when suffering from bouts of suicidal beliefs. Can anyone on here recommend any ways in which I could break the habit more effectively? I do have the want to break the habit, but I wish for some advice as to make the process easier for myself, thus increasing my chance of suceeding/not putting myself under too much emotional stress.


I'm the opposite, I leave all that stuff to the drs but then I have my websites to keep me busy, it does seem howver that you enjoy learning about mental health and generally speaking we are good at the things we enjoy, maybe you could study somewhere enough to gain work in the mental health field, that would be turning a weakness into a strength and that philosophy has always appealed to me.
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