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    No I'm not going to rant about me suiciding or give any information about how to suicide, so if you were looking for that choose another site.
    This is more about what I feel is ok and what is not and some of the theory that I've learnt.
    People here may have found this website by search for suicide options but in the end you as I have come here for help and support. You stay here because you feel a connection to others who feel and think the same and yes we see the world differently.
    Talking about suicide is fine so long as it's about how you are feeling and thinking and not the behaviour, not what you want to do, not that you are about to go and suicide. Here is a safe place to say how you feel and think and find some support of ideas to assist you and I with helping to improve things or at least make it bearable.
    Feeling, thought and behaviours can be connected. It is ok to feel suicidal and want to act on the impulse, or to have thoughts about it. But it is never ok to act on it no matter how much we try and justify it to ourselves and others.
    Most of us only know each other on here, not in real life, don't have contact outside of this site but that doesn't mean that what you say you are going to do doesn't impact and hurt us to. We are real and we care. Well I know that I do.
    I know that sometimes it might seem that everything is pointless, that we are just a person on a computer who can't really care because we will never meet. That's not the case.
    I do care.... I hurt just like anyone else... another persons actions can affect me.
    So before you post or come in chat and say you are going to suicide and that you won't be alive the next day think about what you are saying.
    Those others in chat or on forum are hurting to just like you are... they understand those feelings... they hurt when they feel like they can't help.
    Suicide is a choice, it may not feel like it, it may feel like it is the only option that you have, but in reality it isn't.
    It is always a choice, one that you or I must make and it is never anyone else's fault no matter what they say to you on here.
    We are not professionals, we are caring people who want to listen and help and get support.
    It is not possible for us to change your physical or life circumstances, no matter how much we would like to.
    Sorry if this upsets anyone and maybe none of this makes much sense, if so tell me... be honest with me... even if what you say to me hurts it is still my choice how I react to that, my choice and my responsibility, no one else can take responsibility for me actions.
    Not sure this post is in the right place but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it. So shift it if needed, or talk to me, or delete and let me know.
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    The things you've posted are things I've thought for a long time but wasn't sure how to put into words. I'm glad you posted, and it doesn't need to be moved or deleted. It's fine just the way it is.
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    Well said! Thank you, Evanesce!
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    Thanks Evanesce. Very well put.

    I spend more time in chat than on the forums and from experience it is really upsetting when someone is telling a room that they have either just done something, are doing something or about to do something and won't be around the next day.

    I find it hard to disconnect from these situations and can leave afterwards feeling like maybe there was something I could have said differently. I have begun to learn that I need to put my own health first in these situations but it is very difficult.

    Thanks for your post.