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Suicide is following me?

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I'm so sick of everything, I just want it all to go away. I have nothing to distract me anymore. I always come back to thinking about suicide. I zone off during conversations and end up thinking about death. If I try to listen to music, it doesn't work. I end up skipping "happy" songs and end up listening to things that make me more depressed or songs that remind me of things that I don't want to remember. Even on TV, there are commercials about antidepressants, commercials for things like Unisom (which I'm pretty sure I overdosed on a few weeks ago, not a life-threatening one, but not exactly pleasant). Shit, even on All in the Family yesterday, a man wanted to jump off of a building because he didn't get a job.

Sometimes I think that suicide is following me. I hope it just hurries up and catches me.


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We've talked a bit.. I've been in a rut like this before too and feel for you. :(


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I don't believe anyone on here is pursuing suicide. You don't just wake up one day, and be like, oh I think it would be fun if I'd go into severe depression. Your mind gets all messed up and you can't handle things. That doesn't mean though that the condition cannot get better. From personal experience, I know it can.

Ask your doctor if they have a medication that can control depression and a condition combined like obsessive compulsive disorder. You may not have OCD but if your thoughts keep leading to the same thing over and over, and you can't seem to focus on anything but that, maybe such a medication would be helpful.
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