Suicide letter or not?

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I am contemplating suicide as I have been now for the past, oh about 10 years (im only 23). I've never really given much thought to a suicide note, mainly because my language skills SUUUCK(also another reason for suicidal ideation)!! I'm not seriously considering it right now, but with me things can change pretty quickly. But, to get back to my point, I am just wondering how people feel about suicide notes and please try to give some logic.


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It really depends on the emotion behind it, in my mind. If you're writing to hurt someone for letting you get to this point, then DO NOT SEND IT. Write it, as it will help you deal with your emotions, BUT DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. It cause them a great deal of pain. I don't think it's right for someone who's in so much pain that they are willing to kill themselves to pass that off onto someone else when it can die with them.

If you're writing to say goodbye, then I think it can ease a lot of pain. Explain what's going on inside your head. They're therapeutic to write, let me tell you.

For the record: SF prohibits the posting of actual suicide notes, but my interpretation of the rule allows for discussion of the topic. If I am wrong, I apologize.
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