Suicide.Life.Death... and Nothing You Do Means a Thing. DEAL.

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  1. A.SoNiC.boY

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    Suicide, Life & Death... Cuz Nothing You Do Means a Thing. DEAL.

    so kiss me goodnight, from the back of this fucked up mind.
    throw the drugs in with the booze. wait till tomorrow before I decide to snooze
    It felt good to feel ok... but what the fuck is ok anyway?
    you always said that suicide was the bright side ... and that's no lie.
    but I've made that one null and void, took it away by my own choice.
    I'll live, if this is what they mean by a life.
    I love you all... just not quite as much is I hate myself, and wish to hell I could die.
    But I won't, I'll be here, pretending to be alive, telling the same old lie as yesterday.
    well, fuck it all, and fuck you all too. i hate you all just as much as I love you.
    and if that doesn't make sense to you, that I guess that's good.
    cause it means I'm quite as crazy as I thought.
    nighty night for awhile. and remember. they was NEVER a god.
    love hate empathy and malice. kiss me on the lips dearest love, Ms. Alice of the Trip.
    Cause tomorrow I won't have learned a fuckin' thing.
    And when the end does come.. as decades roll on by.
    I won't matter, neither will any of you.
    Don't look for a point to life, its just a fools errand.
    your assumption's in error, so take this tip from me.
    Shut the fuck up what you don't have that could make you happy...
    Just live for life, and being alive.
    Because when you die. Time will quickly forget you.
    Goodnight, and sleep tight.
    Though I do hate to sleep alone again...

    Cause that's what it feels like to die, every single cold mother fucking night.
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    harsh, but expressive.
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