Suicide prevention(?) team in the UK

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  1. HakunaMatata

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    I guess I don’t listen and pay attention when people tell me things. I started seeing a lady in the Community Resource dept, something along those lines. This lady was nothing, her job was to check up and report back. A few weeks pass and another lady comes in, she says she’s with another team, and by the end of it she says I’ll be able to start talking to a psych. Some more weeks pass, I get an appointment to attend the Mental Health Unit dept, after this those people said they would get back to me, but they never. And now more recently, the original lady told me that she would pass me onto the suicide prevention team. Which brings me to my question, who are they? What dept are they with? Are they an outside party, like Mind?
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    The mental health teams here in the uk, are like one big service but split into specialist teams that have different rolls. They are all called different things and it's so confusing.
    Do you have a care co-ordinator or a care plan? You should have been given a copy of your care plan which should say on it who is your first port of call when you need some info aka your care co-ordinator.
    If you don't have a care plan. I suggest contacting your GP who should know who your care co-ordinator is, or who/what team is currently looking after you.
    They dont sound like an outside party to me, they sound like they are one of the many specialist teams that fall under "mental health services" from the NHS.
    I hope this has been helpful.
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