Suicide Prevention Through Music

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by RockOutSuicide, May 1, 2010.

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  1. RockOutSuicide

    RockOutSuicide New Member


    Hello Everyone !
    its been awhile since i emailed wild cherry asking if i could post about a project that i have been working on !

    The Project Was Called "Rock Out Suicide" PREVENTION THROUGH MUSIC
    after several weeks of brain storming we have decided to change the name to be more kind of personal the program is now called


    A program/Assembly For Middle And High School Students to raise awareness and prevention of depression in teens and suicide.
    the program will use music,light/laser show and videos that go along with the music and light show

    students will hear first hand about depression and suicide from myself, and mental health professionals.

    each student will get an awareness bracelet

    the project has taken some many turns and changes in the past 2 months, so i didn't want to most with information that would have just been changed.

    on April 1st we applied for a Pepsi Refresh Grant so we can take this project to middle/high schools nationwide.
    we were just informed TODAY that our grant idea was approved and is now up for votes.... we need to land in the TOP TEN in the $50,000 grant level

    we could really use the help of everyone !!!

    you are allowed to vote for the project ONCE per day !!!

    if you are interested in the project and would like to help out any way please feel free to contact me

    THANK YOU !!!
  2. RockOutSuicide

    RockOutSuicide New Member

  3. ozbound

    ozbound Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Voted and will keep doing it once a day
  4. TheOncomingStorm

    TheOncomingStorm Well-Known Member

    Seriously hope you get the grant..its for a good cause..And being a high school student I think this is a great idea..If you want any help, just ask :)
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  5. minime

    minime Well-Known Member

    I voted! That is great work you are doing. Thanks from a Mom of a teenager. One teenager from my daughter's school committed suicide this schoolyear and one of her friends knew someone who also chose to end her life.
  6. RockOutSuicide

    RockOutSuicide New Member


    The local paper did a story on me today...

    Area suicide project aims for teens to see the ‘light’
    Corey Kehoe’s suicide awareness program idea also competing for PepsiCo grant.

    By Steve Mocarsky
    Staff Writer

    A former mental-health technician from Wilkes-Barre is seeking the public’s help to win a $50,000 grant to fund a teen suicide awareness/prevention program.

    Corey Kehoe, 26, said he was notified Saturday that PepsiCo accepted for a grant contest his idea for a project that would provide funding to educate about 30,000 teens in middle and high schools across the Northeastern Pennsylvania.

    Kehoe is competing with 408 other organizations – including the Cultural Council of Luzerne County – for a shot at one of ten $50,000 grants to be awarded at the end of May based on the number of online votes received.

    The Pepsi Refresh Project also accepted the Cultural Council’s idea to fund community cultural activities at the new River Common Park in Wilkes-Barre in the contest.

    Kehoe’s idea was to create a 90-minute assembly program using music and a light-and-laser show in which students will hear firsthand the experiences of others who have dealt with depression and suicide, including Kehoe himself.

    The program would cover depression in teens, teen suicide and bullying that can lead to suicide.

    Every student would receive a silicone awareness bracelet and a call-for-help card. The card would have crisis hotline numbers listed on it if a student needed to talk or wanted to seek help.

    Kehoe, who now works for the Hazleton Area School District, has worked with teens aged 12 through 18 who lived in a residential treatment center and were being treated for depression and other mental illness.

    To vote for Kehoe’s idea in the contest, go to One vote from an individual computer can be cast once every 24 hours through May 31. As of Sunday, Kehoe’s project idea was ranked 186th among all 408 competing projects based on votes cast to date.
  7. RockOutSuicide

    RockOutSuicide New Member


    what a day fell from 186 to 329 and back up to 221st

    the paper printed the link wrong,so that was a total waste of time

    thank you all again for your continued support !!!!

    please be sure to vote daily and share the link with family and friends
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