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  1. Entoloma43

    Entoloma43 Well-Known Member

    I'm unsure if this is the correct forum, it's the only one where I saw about asking questions.

    Are having suicidal thoughts enough for you to be admitted into a hospital or some mental facility against your will, in the United States?

    I read on wikipedia
    "In the United States, individuals who express the intent to harm themselves are automatically determined to lack the present mental capacity to refuse treatment, and can be transported to the emergency department against their will."

    Does this also extend to simply having thoughts, or only apply to having a plan.
  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am not a legal expert or anything, but generally for them to admit you without your consent you have to have proven you are a danger to yourself. Having thoughts is not sufficient for involuntary commitment. I suppose it could vary depending on where you are as local control sometimes is different, but that is what I found to hold true. Is there something you need to talk about? I assume you are asking this question for a purpose other than simple curiosity. We are a support site here, and would like to support you if you are struggling and would accept it from us. Please take care. :hug:
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  3. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    It applies to having a plan. A psychologist is legally bound to preventing you from killing yourself. If you have a detailed plan and tell that to your therapist, they, depending on what they believe you capable of, can have you involuntarilly committed.
  4. Entoloma43

    Entoloma43 Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
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