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  1. lumpy_spottybottom

    lumpy_spottybottom New Member

    greetings all, i have a bizzare condition, that i have had for over seven years and as yet is undiagnosable, i suffer from pin prick/needle like sensations,and this is often accompanied by a visual heat haze type effect. i also hear voices mostly accusatory and often feel the prescence of people and forces often maleveloent, i have tried suicide on probably 8 or so occasions and have failed each time, on one occasion i was half way through an attempt when i felt the prescence of an evil being behind me. i didnt go through with it that time. i am feeling that i am being constantly assualted, both verbally and physically, to such a point that i am suicidal on a daily basis. another bizzare thing is i once saw an advert for an episode of the ghost whisperer in which kelsey grammer plays the role of death, i know seem to see him driving past me on a daily basis, spooky, i dont even know what the episode was about. anyway this is all very distressing as im sure many of you can imagine, i have trialed many different types of anti phsychotics and all have had little affect on my condition, phsychiatrists say they dont know what is going on as my symptoms are to specific and baffeling and nuerologists say some parts of my condition fall into their grey area, which means they have no idea, and of course in the meantime i am living in my own personal hell, anyone ever had any problems of this nature ???????
  2. suicidal maniac

    suicidal maniac Well-Known Member

    <Mod edit: Luliby - speculation and not supportive, accusations> I know I felt the same thing. At the moment I could have killed myself, but I didn't.
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  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    O.K. I know that most people here want nothing to do with religious posts, but have you ever considered seeing a Catholic priest? I'm not saying you are "possessed", but talking to a priest might help in some way. If you FEEL that you are being assaulted by demonic forces, then (whether or not it happens to be true) it may do a great deal of good for you psychologically to speak to someone who will acknowledge what you are feeling in this regard without making you feel silly or crazy for having these feelings. If medication has done nothing (and I still think that you should continue to persue psychological help), then maybe you would find comfort in spiritual guidance. Perhaps you would also find a bit of faith to which you could turn in times of distress. At any rate, a priest can essentially be a "free" counsellor. They ask for nothing in return and they really do try to help people selflessly. If you really need someone to listen and help you who also takes you seriously, especially if you feel you are going through a spiritual crisis, then a priest may be the way to go. Good luck!
  4. lumpy_spottybottom

    lumpy_spottybottom New Member

    , i used to be an atheist, except these occurences and many dreams that i have, have swayed my way of thinking, i now go to church 2 times a year, at christmas and easter, but my feeling is that religion, to a menatlly ill person can be a very manipulative and dangerouse thing. i can understand many people have a poor outlook on religion and i dont want to preach or convert anyone, its just that my condition is truly scary and debilitating in the extreme. i was hoping that somebody may have heard of this type of thing and could point me in the right direction, as far as seeing a priest goes. they would probably tell me to go to church every sunday and pray daily, not my scene im afraid. again having what i think is a mental illness and mixing it with religion can become a dangerouse formatt, i mean all you have to do is look at islamic fundamentalists justifying murder in the name of god? the mind boggles. i was hoping for a more phsychiatric type response, but thanks for te reply anyway peanutt, cheers. lumpy
  5. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...A good priest would not tell you that church would solve all your problems. Most are really kind and understanding people who have given up their whole lives for their faith. They might tell you that church is a good idea, but to say that it will solve all your problems is not something I would expect from a good priest. In my experiene, they are good councellors and listeners who can also offer practical advice. It might really help you...couldn't hurt :)
  6. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    Re: What I think can help you CAUTION *VERY RELIGIOUS*

    I was reading in scientific armerican Mind that there was a study they were conducting by triggering certain parts of the brain on patients, and when a certain part of the brain was triggered the people had a feeling of a presence around them, an evil one none the less, and they felt this presence was trying to get them... for you this may point in the area of having a problem in that particular area of the brain (just my uneducated guess, but the similiarities seam kinda striking)... my advice would be to stick to goal making and accomplishing... accomplishing even the simplest goals can work great wonders in our beings.... good luck
  7. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Have you seen a neurologist?
  8. jennilee

    jennilee Member

    Mod edit: Luliby - speculation, this is a members veiwpoint and not medical advice. I'm going to allow some content; please keep in mind this is speculation and personal opinion. We offer an open forum where members can share their experiences and ideas. We ask that members do not presume to know the only route of recovery for other members or the only truth. Rather, offer suggestions that have worked for you and offer them as suggestions ONLY. I have used red warning script before inflamatory statements to indicate speculative opinion rather than delete the whole response as preachy. Remember, offer suggestions that have worked for you and offer them as suggetsions ONLY. Focus on supportive and encouraging comments. State opinions as "In my opinion", "what I believe" or "whats working for me".

    Members opinion: Finding religion is the ONLY thing that is going to get you through this. NOTHING else will. Members opinion: What's "dangerous" is trying to go through life withOUT having God in your life. That's what's truely dangerous. Members opinion:There's nothing manipulative or dangerous about having religion in your life. <Mod edit: Luliby - not supportive> Members opinion: Everything we encounter during our lifetime has a reason and a purpose. We may not understand what those reasons or purposes are at the time, but at some point we will find out and it will all make sense to us once all is said and done. Members opinion: You have to be willing to put all of your faith in God and then ask for his guidance to help you over come your illness. Members opinion: You will get better if you truely believe and devote yourself to God and believe that He is the answer. <Members opinion: God never hands us more than we can handle in life. Members opinion: This may be hard for you to understand at this point in your life, but it's the truth. Members encouragement:You can over come this and get better and lead a normal life if you really want too. Member opinion: My life didn't start improving until I excepted God into my heart and trusted in him 100% with all of my problems. Members encouragement and opinion:I really hope that you listen to my advise. It really will help you. I really hope you get the help that you need and so much deserve. Don't EVER give up on yourself! No matter how bad you may think and feel things may be. Never give up. Good Luck to you!
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  9. jamie tails

    jamie tails New Member

    this is a joke, if you belive in god and thats your thing, then thats all good just save it for sunday, people here need REAL help not someone throwing holy water on them and shouting "the power of christ compels you" i really think giving people this "you need god" advice is dangerous becaus its giving people false hope and when this doesant work and they still feel like self harming and killing themselfs its another thing for them to feel rejected about, people need profesional medical advice and not a visit from father merrin, they are not well, they are not possessed by captin howdy!!!
  10. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    yo mate, in your opinon. thats a very VERY strong thing to say. i know he opened the door to such a statement, but.. your slamming him with your opinon, and making it off as the opinon. offer your advice from your table and your perspective, but realize, there are many other tables and perspectives out there. any other place, it wouldnt matter, but this form, it matters how you word yourself.

    Thats my opinon, feels like an assualt from reading that.
  11. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Thread reopened to allow members to reply to the original poster in a manner that he/she may find useful in some way, it has not been reopened for bickering about whether religion has a place here on SF, of which, has been discussed by staff and members and agreed to by a majority, any unsupportive or arguing messgaes will be deleted and members warned accordingly.
  12. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Back on topic and I hope the original poster will get a second opinion on the matter from as the drs he's seeing right now don't seem to know their ass from their elbow, getting treated medically is your best option as religion, as fine as it is, has so far in the modern world not been known to cure ailments of the mind (or others for that matter) with any degree of empiricism or reliability, no matter how pious you are and how you interpret the teachings of any said religion.
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