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  1. someguy24

    someguy24 Well-Known Member

    Why do you think is it that men commit way more suicides, attempt way less, and so obviously are more serious about it? I ask for both a psychological standpoint and science.

    I think it might seem obvious to some but its not really that simple. Society says women get more depressed, suffer more, feel more pain, but really is there true tangible evidence for this since if so, wouldn't this mean they should lead the statistics? Maybe is it that men tend to get the worst genetic defects in greater numbers and since they are pressured to be strong and reach out less so truly suffer more in silence until it destroys everything ..... Or maybe its goes down to just what seems to be this fact, that a species benefits more from females, so they are needed more in a way to survive and evolve? You know, like why does a black widow kill the male? Because its not needed in a balanced natural environment for the species to survive after it has fulfilled the role of reproduction? ..... I guess most of you reading this are girls and women but still isn't this kind of depressing?

    I dont know anything, you tell me.
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  2. Event_Horizon

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    Well I can't link you to the paper in question as it goes into details on methods of men versus women. So I will just cherry pick the UK data.

    The UK suicide rate was 11.6 deaths per 100,000 population in 2012, but there are significant differences in suicide rates between men and women. Male suicide rates were more than three times higher at 18.2 male deaths compared with 5.2 female deaths per 100,000 population.

    Source. The office for national statistics.

    Samaritans also did a study which reveals much greater information as to the why. and Society Research Report 151112.pdf

    My own view is that men are more likely to choose lethal methods. The non quoted study backs that up. They don't want to go peacefully because they likely view themselves as a fuck up so don't mind destroying themselves while downing vodka or what ever else. Since men are more likely to process depression as irritability, anger and in some cases all out rage. Lashing out at ones self in a seriously lethal manner maybe comes easier.

    The other issue is men don't talk as much about feelings so the likelihood of drawing attention to ones own needs is lessened even more so when you factor in, 'pulling up by the bootstraps and stiff upper lip.' In a way it is sort of taboo to admit 'weakness' and cry like a girl in front of any one. Sadly this means as the person bottles it all up and consistently fails at life, as pretending to be fine takes a horrible toll. They just implode at some point, drink hastens that end. Military in my experience are the toughest to help. It is like pulling teeth from a walrus.

    In some ways I think the man has been neutered in this modern society. Unemployment also hits real hard as many men structure their entire psychology around work if they have little else. More severe than that is the weight of the courts favouring the mother. Men denied their children is a major trigger.

    The black widow is a poor example. In that case the female is just hungry and hostile the male is desperate. Most males will intentionally wait till the female is well fed before they dice with death, waiting for a chemical that alerts them that hopefully they wont be eaten. But there are very few animals that kill their mates. There are none in the primate family that I am aware of. Except us. But we are a rather bizarre species.
  3. Xaos

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    I don't know why men commit suicide at a much higher rate than women, but I agree there is more stigma against men admitting weakness than for women.

    The statistics only show women attempt more because they don't 'succeed' for whatever reason.

    There is a charity here in the UK called CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) who have designated 2014 as 'Year of the Male' which aims to tackle the disproportionately high male suicide rate.

    As for the 'courts favouring the mother', I agree, the bias is ridiculous.
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