Suicide.... then bieng brought back?

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I have wanted to die for a long damn time but I am afraid. Afraid of what lies out there beyond death which I expect most people are.

Has anyone ever seen the movie "flatliners" with Kiefer Sutherland. It was made in 1990. The idea of the movie was death experiments which involved someone "going under" (dying) by use of some type of drug that stopped the heart then being brought back by fellow medical students. The concept here of death experiments intruiges me as I know sounds crazy but i'd like to do it if there was something like that nowadays like an experiment like that by scientists but of course because of the legalities it would technically constitute murder and may conspire legal action if I couldnt be "brought back" even if I gave my consent before I died.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? if they'd be willing to die and be brought back? of course theres always the risk factor of not bieng able to be revived but still not a bad chance of survival i'd say. Maybe

Guess I just wanna know whats out there and judging by alot of research I have done on NDA' seems its certainly something pleasent run by an entity weither its god or not is a big debate. Your thoughts please on this whole thing. thx.


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I like thinking about this sort of thing too, I will give you my thoughts on it.

I do not believe in an afterlife or reincarnation. I believe that when we die, that is it, we just cease to exist. I do believe in a supreme being however.

As far as things such as near death experiences, or out of body experiences, I believe that we die temporarily or forever, or even faint or pass out, our brains has no way to need an explanation for this lapse of time. It therefore creates a memory of a white light, seeing our selves from above, or even descending into hell, as I have heard some people describe.

I brain creates a memory of what we believe happens to us when we die, either consciously or subconsciously. I consciously choose to believe that there is not afterlife, but I was always taught in heaven and hell as a child, so subconsciously I suppose my brain has been conditioned to believe such things. Most of society in some way consciously chooses to believe in life after those, so even those who consciously choose not to believe in an afterlife has subconsciously been conditioned to believe in such things by society. Hence an atheist having a near death experience...seeing a white light...becoming a born again Christian or what have you. Even thought they consciously chose to be an atheist, they were conditioned to subconsciously believe in life after death, so the memory of a white light, ascending into heaven or descending into hell is the memory our brain creates to account for the lapse of time. It creates the memory of what we believe will happen to us whether we believe it consciously or subconsciously. The same theory applies to reincarnation, if you believe (consciously or subconsciously) in reincarnation or brain will create memories of a past life as some form of coping method.

I've seen the movie, the same theory can be applied there. When they die in the movie, they relive things they have felt remorse for doing when they were younger. They went to their version of hell, and that is the memory their brains implanted to account for the lapse in time.

Human beings created the thoughts of an afterlife or reincarnation in order to feel self-important and give our lives meaning, when really our existence is insignificant.

Of course all of this is merely my opinions and theories and I could be completely wrong, I don't totally deny the existence of an afterlife, I just consciously choose not to believe in it as it seems to illogical of a concept to me.


Hello Milkdrops!

I think about that, too. Well i´ve had suicidal thoughts for the past 10 years but never tried anything.
I ask myself: why? Maybe for fear... yes, i fear death. I fear to suffer. I fear the unknown.
I don´t believe that our souls go to heaven or hell. To be honest for me "soul" is just a concept... the animating and vital principle in humans . What is really this?
There´s nothing after death as there is nothing before life. (I mean, for us as people.)


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Hey Claycad thanks for your views you do make some valid points.
Thing is tho it would seem that whole thing you say about most people have that type of thing going on in there brain once they die such as aspects of the white light and other similar common aspects found in NDA's....BUT there is alot of evidence that does defy logical explanation.

Many people who have been brought into emergency rooms and have been declared legally dead...have been able to see themselves from above looking downwards and describe every procedure and every action that happens (i.e what certain people say or where certain people move in the room) which simply defies any logical explanation bieng it should be impossible as when one dies the brain ceases to function and could not be aware of hearing whats bieng said by people closeby or seeing where they move through out the room. And once bieng revived can confirm those things they saw happend with the people.

Also once dead many accounts of premonitions have been shown by an "entity".(god? who knows) in which the person once brought back, DOES find the premonition shown whilst dead, DOES happen in the future.

There is other reasons too but those 2 seem to be the biggest reasons but without those to consider I would totally agree with your view on it bieng it would be mostly chemical reactions in the brain at the time of death. I'm not preaching but from a scientific standpoint there is an entity governing the universe maybe god himself. Please post more if you have any more views its interesting. Thx.
Flatliners is a great movie but it scares me. It always made me think again if I really wanted to commit suicide. Id be a trip to be brought back from the dead and I don't even know what to think what happens when u "go under" see a light or viewing from a 3rd person perspective. We still don't know how alot of the brain and body works so I try not to think of life after death.

As far as a god or thing showing u whats going to happen I just don't see it. Religion is just a lie in my eyes to control the masses. Alot of people died in the name of their religion and their god. I just think god would of been a peace going fellow with love in hands and hope as a gift not wars that kill innocents and money that gives power which eats away their moral values. srry for the rant


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I have a memory of seeing myself from above before, so I know what that is like. Eight years ago I fainted (most likely from low blood sugar) I was only unconscious for 10 seconds or so, but after regaining consciousness, I could play back the whole event in memory as if I was watching from above. Very eerie indeed, but I believe this was just my brain creating this memory to account for the lapse of time while I was unconscious. As far as people being able to recollect events while being clinically dead...well I don't believe the brain completely shuts down. Brain activity may be diminished to the point of not being detected by machines, but if the brain shut down completely, I believe there would be absolutely no chance of being brought back to life.

So if brain activity doesn't completely stop then our senses are still functioning. Another thing I have experienced several times is sleep paralysis. This is a state of when your mind is esensually awake, but your body is still sleeping and you are temporarily paralyzed. This usually happens to people either before falling asleep or before waking up completely. While in this state, in my experience, you seem to be aware of what is around you. Even though your eyes are still shut, you can put images in your head using your other senses. Again, a very eerie and scary experience. There is also evidence that hallucinations happen during sleep paralysis. But I don't think this is anything supernatural, just the brain being its magnificent self trying to cope with what it can't fully comprehend.

Think of sleep walking as well. I have never experienced this, but there is quite a lot of evidence that people sleep walk. I've heard of stories where people have done amazing things while sleep walking such as cooking meals, driving a car, and there is even at least one court case I know of where a man was found innocent of a murder he committed because it was proven in a court of law that he was sleep walking when he committed a murder. To me, this shows what amazing things the brain can do while not being fully conscious. While people are temporarily dead or under anesthesia, even if their eyes are closed their brain is still functioning and they can use their other senses to be aware of the events around them, and the brain puts the information gathered by the other senses into realistic memories. Just my theory on it, maybe I am wrong...I hope I am wrong as the thought of actually having a soul and an afterlife sound nice, but those thoughts are just to illogical and I believe there is some sort of logical explanation for everything...even if no one can really explain it.

As far as premonitions go, I have felt I have had premonitions, mostly dreams that seem to have come true, but nothing major that I wouldn't write off as anything more then a coincidence. I don't know of any specific cases of premonitions coming true that I would think could easily be explained as coincidence or a total misinterpretation. Such as an event happening then after seeing the event you remember a premonition you had before the event happened. Again, back to consciously or subconsciously believing in premonitions. If you believe in them you will remember "premonitions" you had, but only after seeing your premonitions coming true. I'm sure there is evidence of cases of someone actually preciously predicting future events. I do believe that in theory, time travel in possible. Things to do with the speed of light, counter rotation of the earth etc. I don't necessarily believe humans will ever harness this power, but in theory, I believe it can happen and it somehow explains accurate premonitions. Perhaps all further events are floating around as some mass of electrical energy and some people such as “physics” are more genetically blessed to pick up on that electrical energy that traveled from the future to our present. I will say that premonitions are a tough one to explain though, but like I said. I believe there is a logical explanation for everything even if it can't be explained.
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