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There was somebody on here a couple of weeks back who posted while he took pills, and said that he was seeing blurry and that he was very sorry. Does anybody know what hapenned to him?

I tried suicide twice before, Suicide is way harder then I thought. The will to live is so great no mather how fucked up you are. . I'm sure it's going to be very unpleasant that's why I'm worried. I really don't care about how my family is going to fell as I won't be here to watch them find out. Hah.
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Clearly you have done your research but they will not have you posting methods here.

Is your family that bad that you don't care what happens to them at all?
Nothing will happen to them they will get over it. Do you know Daniel Steel the book writer? Her son comitted suicide and she still keeps on writing books. I'm sure it hurts but life goes on.


The truth is that most likely if you do it they will find a way to cope with it, but it's possible that they won't. It depends on their disposition and how important you are in their lives.

Anyway, I don't blame you for wanting to die, obviously there is something that feels so bad that not being alive seems better. With the methods you described I don't think you'll survive the attempt, but I hope you've explored other options of living ways to relieve the pain first...it's all about whether you can change what's going on in your head or not, through whatever means.
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