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Well yeah I am feeling suicidal,
I just completed my ALevels in the UK and
got my results about 2 weeks ago. I didn't do
as well as I expected.
I literally worked so so so hard and at the end
of it I didn't achieve the grades I needed to
get into the medicine course at University.
The problem is all I've ever wanted to be was
a doctor and I tried soso hard and just didn't
make it. In the 2 years it took to do my
alevels every single failure has just upset me
more and more and now I really don't see the
point in life.
Being a doctor means everything to me. The
reason being, I lost quite a close fried just
before I started alevel course and he commit
suicide. This rereally upset me and I've talked
about his death to my girlfriend at the time
and still my girlfriend for over a year. I know
that all I've wanted to do since that point is I
wanted to be a doctor to help kids who feel
like that.
I turned 18 a few months back and I have felt
this feeling ever since I realised I can't do
medicine. Its all I want to do, I've asked
universities to accept me up to the point of
begging but I understand that it will never
My parents are v.supportive and told me to
keep at it and as I asked them I told them
make sure I stay in the house and just keep
working till I get there. But realistically from
the 2/3 weeks ago I got my results I know it
will never happen and I just don't know what
is the point in living this life when I am just
Idk why I am posting on here I just feel like I
need someone to talk to:/


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Hi, nonamez. Welcome to SF.

I'm sorry you're so low at the moment, and I'm sorry you lost your friend to suicide. :hug:

Lots of people don't make it into the courses for med school on their first try. I would keep up your hopes and plan on re-trying later. Another option might be a degree that fulfils your desire to help others, such as a clinical psychologist's degree. Perhaps this would be a good time to speak with a career counselling service to do some interests and aptitudes exploration. And remember that getting into med school isn't "just" grades, it includes community/volunteer work, leadership, reference letters - all do-able while you start on other courses. Sometimes having a degree behind us already gives us an edge on getting into the advanced and specialized programs later.

I really think that you have a chance at finding a meaningful and rewarding goal and career - whether it is to try for med school again at a later date or to find an alternative career in which you can help.

Keep posting and let us know how it's going. Stay safe! :hug:
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