Sullen Echoes - Won't trigger I guess..

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    Strolling alone in the desolate lands
    Staring at the obscured sun hidden,
    blinded by clouds black and gloomy,
    afloat in the pale, dark velvet skies
    The chilling wind sighs mournfully,
    echoing in a blue and morose rhythm
    Songbirds hung their heads in sorrow
    Speechless, lifeless in a sullen silence,
    as I sing my blue, lonesome serenade

    Drifting aimlessly with despondency
    Drowning vulnerably with despair,
    and irremediable regrets of old days;
    Scars and wounds that never dies
    A ceaseless yearning to feel loved
    An unquenchable envy to feel alive
    Foolish desires of a bleeding heart
    Idealistic notions of a lonely mind,
    to beseech a romance and a flame,
    to remedy the disheartened spirits,
    to satiate the yearning of the soul

    Gazing at the edge of my delusion
    Abstract imageries emerge in sight,
    like a surreal reflection of my life
    Melancholy revolves so violently,
    like whirlwinds of utter madness
    Sounds, voices and melody fades,
    in an eternal void of nothingness
    Feeling weak, vulnerably bound,
    in chains of a self-created prison,
    born through the darkness inside,
    and visions of a demented mind
    Lost in my twisted sensibilities;
    A craving for an eternal escape
    The lust; for a withered beauty