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So, it's hot out. Not a good time to be homeless. I guess all I want to say is don't take for granted what you have. There is always something better out there if you don't have a felony charge while broke. If you do, then talk to me, tell me something is better out there. I can't make it in prison, I'm not criminally minded nor a fighter. I don't want to become a bitch, so, with the legal system and all, only caring about money and not justice. At least I'll see it coming. (P.S. It's just a DUI, First Felony charge. Didn't hurt anyone.)
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Hi and so sorry things are so rough...A DUI is a concerning charge, but many of us have driven that way and have been blessed with an angel on our shoulders; did they provide a pro bono attorney for you? If not, maybe this is something you can persue...if this is your first charge, then maybe something further can be done...please continue to post...J
Not my first charge, but it is my first felony charge. On a week day, 3 AM, no traffic, needed cigs, thought I was fine. Guess I shouldn't have ran the yellow light. I went from IT Director of a Drug/Alcohol Detox Center Man to a looser homeless dick.

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You can still get representation and get help it does not mean youwill spend time in jail You have to get legal representation okay deal with it now hun why did you lose your job you have not gone to court yet get some legal help to fight for you and to get you into detox okay hugs


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And now you have to rise have such useable skills and such an awful disease...please get help both legal and psychological so that you can begin to get back on the road again...J
Truth is, I was on unemployment, looking for a job. I had a lawyer who got me a 5 year deferred, but unemployment ran out and I can't even get fast food to hire me. Now I owe this month and I can't pay my obligations to my court terms. So, a bench warrant will be placed while I'm evicted from my apartment. Trying to get into a program, but there is a waiting list. Not sure I will get in in time before they place the bench warrant.
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