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  1. Emilia7894

    Emilia7894 Member

    It's called "Sunshower."

    Am I just a wandering soul?
    Waiting for a break, no part in the world?
    Day after day and hour pass,
    Another grain in Father Time’s hourglass.

    I’m not depressed and I’m not upset,
    I just feel alone and maybe a little wet.
    The rain is falling in great big drops,
    On my nose, in my hair, on roofs and on treetops.

    My eyes are cast down,
    My strides quick and small.
    Wondering if there is a point to it all.
    I wonder if I’m falling into an abyss,
    Where thousands fall and no one is missed.

    When my eyes are downcast there is something amiss:
    I am focused on the rain and the expanding abyss.
    I notice that though the ground is wet the world is light,
    I cast my eyes up and let out a joyful cry.

    The clouds that should be black are white,
    The blue sky that prompts a contented sigh.
    Though the rain is falling on my face,
    I am smiling,
    And grateful to be in this place.

    A promise to the world stretches out in the sky,
    Red, yellow, orange, green and blue,
    Purple and maybe magenta too.

    The abyss won’t take me today:
    I’ve seen the world and I want to stay.
    Even if I have to hold for dear life,
    I will fight through any sadness and strife.

    Because, put simply,
    I will always be in the light world because I want to be free.

    Accidentally put this on creative writing.
  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Very deep and affecting.
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Great poem,thanks for sharing :heart:
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