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Super duper scary horror movie suggestions??

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I have already watched the grudge and the conjuring universe series. I want something even more creepy if you have an idea :D

I'm mostly interested in paranormal suggestions. Previously watched some works from Saw and Scream series and they didn't appeal to me much.


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Oh btw jump scares are one of the best experiences in the world.. I watched the exorcist and it missed the fun because there were no paranormal creatures suddenly appearing/disappearing.


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If you liked the conjuring (& assuming I’m thinking of the right movie 🍿 no guarantees on that! 🎥 ). . . You, “might?” Like the Shining, with Jack Nicholson. Just in terms of mood / atmosphere. Of course it is directed by the legendary, esteemed film 🎞 maker Stanley Kubrick. But that is neither here, nor there. And while I wouldn’t label 🏷 it, “super scary,” I would call or consider it to be a masterpiece. However, rarely, as with all of his movies he’s made (the maker, not the actor), they don’t often show or reveal themselves upon initial of first viewing. This is partly because they are incredibly dense. And often required long shoots, with multiple takes. So, if he is sitting there in the directors chair mulling over a thousand different options on any given number of choices, per various situations, you can only imagine that they would then be difficult to digest during the first time watching. That said, again, if you can get through it, and then see it again at some point in the future, it may reward you for your patience and your perseverance. But I do tend to favor films that can be watched many times over with similar or repetitive satisfaction. And that’s something that seems incredibly hard to do. As that’s not generally how they’re designed. Or constructed-
In any case, I wish I could help you more, however this just so happens to be my weakest or least favorable / knowledgeable genre. Especially given your parameters. You may dig a movie like Audition from Japan. But it is a very creepy weird thing that not many people respond to. It is about a girl who goes on an Audition that I think turns out to be fake (as it is intended as a setup for them to get girls, or something or other - it’s been a great many years since I’ve seen it.. but I love it). And anyway, let’s just say she makes them pay 💰 ;^) 😻
There’s some I’ve seen on Netflix which are rooted in ghosts and that kind of folklore, which may be a superstition in places like the Philippines, or possibly perhaps Singapore or Thailand — I’m honestly not really sure because I can’t remember them well, even though some were very well done, since we don’t quite have the same built in fear growing up here in our culture, it doesn’t quite resonate the same with us (but it may with you)?
I should really ask my Sister. This was her favorite genre since birth. She was watching pretty gory stuff before the age of double digits, and so on, and so forth! I’d think you might wish to explore American horror movies from the 80’s. While some of them may appear “cheesy,” that was a time when they were quite popular in the public consumption and movie theater viewings, and such. In other words, there were a great many of them being released on a regular basis and getting a lot of publicity advertising wise and things like that. They were definitely a big hit, in terms of “water cooler,” talk, or word of mouth. And of course with the advent of video, you suddenly had all of these video stores with entire sections devoted to Horror. And their movie box covers were always far and away the coolest. I’m also thinking that with your parameters of “jumping out from the corner or dark, and scaring you, that may be found in healthy or abundant supply here...”

I’m trying to remember as I watched most of these as a little kid. Like maybe the first Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elmstreet; Hellraiser, Pet Cemetery, Evil Dead 2... a lot of these may seem ‘dated,’ given the technology; but I don’t know? Hopefully others can chime in with some good ideas, because I’ve always found them to be — the horror fans — a little but like fans of heavy metal 🤘 in the sense that - they are incredibly devoted and passionate . Even much more so than many other genres, perhaps? Or maybe that is just my perception! Rob Zombie May have made some you’d like - but they may be not quite your cup of tea~ ! ;) good luck 🍀👍 & best wishes. :D


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I second The Shining...a masterpiece..

'Salem's Lot (1979) is another one I highly recommend. Not a bit a blood/gore, but one of the most terrifying and creepy films ever made. There are two versions, the original 2-part miniseries (which I recommend), and a shorter TV movie which is much inferior to the original.
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