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Support groups?

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Hi everybody,
Do support groups for Suicide exist? Apart from online I mean. Is there anybody here that goes to any. What do the people say? Does it help you to open up to ther people? And lastly do you know of any in MOntreal??
I know thats alot of questions:smile:
I am not sure, I think there are so many people who don't want people to know they are suicidal that there probably isn't enough people that would addmitt it in a group. Maybe in big cities, maybe.

Sorry I wasn't any help, if you ever wanna talk I am here...sorry that's all I can do is give you support and friendship.



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Eh maybe there are... I am not sure. Really the idea could be dangerous. I mean it is one thing to just type and talk with likeminded people it is another thing to actually be around them. I mean I think that it could help but at the same time it could have horrible results. Like people meet together and start making suicide pacts....

You could look around though.


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In Houston, I go to one for those suffering from depression and bipolar disorder, most of them being bipolar. I go each week, don't think it'll help me though, since I always feel that I'm so messed up that nothing can help me. Still it helps to listen to their stories and advice.
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