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  1. horsecab

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    And suppose now I enrapture my heart
    with the warmth of your smile, the music of your laugh.
    Suppose I were to gaze into your eyes
    to touch and caress the depths of your soul.

    Suppose that for one moment I reach out
    to touch the very essence of your being.
    The very light of your spirit.
    And risk my heart with all good intention.

    And suppose I get caught up in the giddiness,
    and embraced in the passion and hope
    of a happiness only imagined.
    Do I dare allow myself to believe?

    How can I, what can I do to allay the fears
    that hold even tighter my emotions?
    To find the next breath somehow caught in my lungs.
    Suppose my heart is simply broken once more.

    Suppose that what I so dream of is mistaken.
    Just a mirage in my imagination.
    Just another light of hope extinguished
    leaving me alone in the midst of darkness.

    How could I once again go on alone
    as I dwell in the agonizing pain
    of a dull knifeā€™s cold blade ripping across
    the very heart anticipating love?

    The reality of loneliness mocks me.
    The hope of fulfillment pushes me.
    My heart still beats, my pulse still races.
    And my passion for love will never die.

    I suppose I will go for love.
    Till my last breath leaves me.​
  2. angel1212

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    amazing, keep posting your poems are brilliant xxx:hugtackles:
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Amazing :heart:
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