Sure you're ready to date?

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    If you're a shy person with social anxiety/depression but you're lonely and think you are interested in talking to others-- I suggest you join the Social Anxiety Forum.
    I'm also a member and while browsing through different "Groups" I noticed a couple for single people who are looking to talk to others about relationships- and possibly hook up.

    I think S.A.S. is quite a bit larger than SF... I get confused with all of the different threads that are constantly open and updated; but if you can deal that that and want to talk with other people who have social anxiety, have at it!
    It is not a place for talking about suicide OR methods < just to make sure that is clear.

    I'm not planning to date for a long time, so I am staying away from those types of social groups.
    You can find me in the 'movies' or 'Canada' groups though! XD
    Supernatural, too!
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    CofeendCancer New Member thanks, I'll check it out.
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    Thanks! This is just what I was looking for.