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Surgery Complete

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Hello Everyone.

I got sent him last night after the surgery, i was in the pain from the wound sites but i am recovering. The operation itself wasn't too difficult and i managed to get through it even though i was awake throughout.

At this stage it's difficult to say if the operation has been a success. It will take a month and maybe some additional treatment options to see if my body is capable of working without any help. Alot of damage has been done and recovering from this will be difficult.

While life can't get any worse at this stage, i still hold a sense of hope. I have focused myself on composing and producing music again. I have also taken some time out to contact various people on the forum in need of help.

It was tough today because i brought up some blood when i coughed, i was told this would happen and is normal however, It should clear in the next few days. I have had blood in my urine in the past and it did trigger a degree of fear in me.

Even though times are beyond difficult and my day's are controlled by a constant fear for my own life, i still don't consider suicide as a valid option. It would just show weakness and i have never given in before. My job is to help other's, not to become a bad example.

If anyone is looking for a friend or someone to talk with, feel free to message or email me.

I will keep everyone updated on my situation and the progress i make. I am keeping my diet strict with attention to proper daily suppliment usuage. So far everything has been stablized.

Kind Regards,


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Dave, you're an inspiration. Glad the surgery went ok and everything is crossed for a good outcome.

God bless ya
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