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Surgery Tomorrow

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A few people on the forum will know my story, other's won't.

I suffered a physical injury to my head and groin that resulted in a rare hormonal disorder that 'triggered' an auto-immune reaction in my body when medication was adminstrated. Before all of this i was very healthy, young 23 year old guy. I have suffered alot of tramua in my life due to bullying, physical defects and various other mental health conditions but i have overcome them on my own.

After 4 months of real physical and mental torture however i am going in for surgery tomorrow. Some doctor's are for this surgery, other's aren't. Medical science cannot prove or disprove how effective this surgery is. Many scientific/medical papers point towards a high level of success, however some personal accounts don't. I have a 50/50 chance of this working and will not know for sure until about a month after the initial surgery (to give my body and brain time to register the vascular changes and restart).

The operation will last 2/3 hour's and i will be awake throughout.

This is one of the times i really need luck to fall into my corner and help me out. I wish to continue helping people with difficult conditions and hope this won't make my situation any worse than it already is, my body is already alot weaker since the auto-immune attack.

I am going into hospital at 6.30am to prepare for the operation, i feel confident but also nervous.

I will inform everyone of the results when i return home. I might be offline for a few day's however.


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Megazoid, Best of luck on your surgery and we will see U very soon I am sure. Our prayers will be with U tomorrow so don't worry. :smile:


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Meg best wishes and everything crossed that the surgery works.

Thoughts and prayers go with you. :hug: :hug:


you are an awesome person. you deserve to have this work. i am not very religious, so I will have my fingers crossed for you.

if there is anything right left in this world, the surgery will be a success.
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