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Surrounded by negativity, and it has just eaten me alive.

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So just how do you continue to fight when all around you each and everyday is nothing, but negativity. For the last 6 years I have lived with my grandmother taking care of her health has gotten worse and worse each year. During that time I have lost best friends, became suicidal, became depressed, low self esteem, and most of all I have lost my life. What makes me feel even more of a loser and that nothing will change is I am 37.

When negativity is around you just how do you deal with it? This weekend I will compete in my first bodybuilding show. I am nervous and excited. I have worked my butt off and I was feeling proud of myself. Today I asked my mother was she coming to watch. Her response...."Why would I want to go and watch you do something stupid and watch a bunch of idiots."

So, the confidence and feeling proud of myself just went out the window. So what is the answer? How do you live when each day you are being "beaten" by negativity from your surrounding?
well, 1 of the things i do is try and live hour by hour. take it in nice small steps.

also- try thinking of a positive in place of where the negative should be

for example, you could take an exam andn ot get good grades from it, but afterwards in sted of dwelling on that, try think along the lines of.. i did my best, something along those lines.

i think if you try to think about good things to come from the bad, it will slowly but surely become a natural thing you do.

it's hard, but it may make life a bit more easier.
I feel the same mate, all my family do is argue and put down, my confidence is at an all time low, i have very little self esteem. My life is going down a long and lonesome road to no-where and i don't have the strength to turn it around. At least u got the balls get up on that stage, go for it it should do u the world of good.


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Good luck with the body building.that takes such hard work.
Im proud of you even if arent.
I dont know what some peoples problems are.


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Hi :D well done for working so hard ! I dont know why some people act the way they do ...maybe they are jealous ? usually its that they dont know how to give praise as they have never recieved it themselves...just remember ..no amount of negative reaction takes away the fact that you have acheived something and it doesnt undo your effort. Good luck im rooting for you !! xx
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