survey- creating a timeline on abuse??

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by lav11, May 11, 2012.


have you ever created a timeline on your abuse with a counsellor

  1. yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. i have done a little work on my abuse but never created a timeline

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  3. i have done a lot of work on my abuse but never created a timeline

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  4. i have done no work on my abuse

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  1. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    so my counsellor is wanting me to create a timeline on my abuse and im just a little curious how many people have done this and how they coped cause frankly im pretty very worried about starting this..
    any and all replies would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  2. Jaimeisbroken

    Jaimeisbroken Well-Known Member

    Hi lav11,

    I'm not 100% sure if what my therapist is helping me with is the same thing. My abuse is probably different than yours because all of mine pretty much took place over just a 23 hour period of time. However, I have been and my therapist has been helping me organize what happened to me in a timeline of sorts. More along the lines of order of events of that day so that I can relive it while knowing I am safe so that I can give my brain a chance to process what happened to me. I don't know if that is what you are referring to, but I will say that it is a lot of painful work for me. I do think it is helpful though.

    I wish I had better insight.
  3. x BrokenBabydoll x

    x BrokenBabydoll x Well-Known Member

    I experience long term sexual and physical abuse as a child, my therapist worked with me to create a timeline of all the abuse I have been through and the rape I suffered as a teenager. It was extremely painful for me in the short term but it has helped in the long term to be able to, like JaimeIsBroken said, process what happened to me and think about it without feeling as scared and alone.

    Each time we go through my timeline it gets slightly easier to relive and remember what happened, and when i'm suicidal or wanting to SH it helps to be able to read what we wrote together and see exactly how it is not my fault and how I didn't do anything to deserve what happened to me. But I think it's an individual thing, through my work i've met a fair few other survivors who have made timelines, some like me find it helpful but for some it was still too raw and just made them feel worse and took a lot of work for them to recover from just back to where they were before the timeline.

    I think if you don't feel like you can do it yet, if you're extremely apprehensive and worried about it then the best thing might be not to do it. Perhaps instead in your therapy sessions you could chronologically go through all the abuse verbally and talk about it that way so that at the end of the session you and her can have a cooling off type period to help you come back to the present and be able to walk out of her office and leave it behind until the next session? Whatever you decide to do I hope it helps, and it's good to see you're getting some support x
  4. triedtoomanytimes

    triedtoomanytimes Well-Known Member

    Speaking as an outsider, I wonder if it's to help get things in some sort of order in your minds. I would think, like most things, take it a step at a time and as much as you can cope with. Hope you didn't mind my twopenneth. Hope it's going ok for you both.
  5. carebear32

    carebear32 Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to think my therapist thinks I'm a liar or something. We went through my abuse and the rapes in one session and she's never brought it up again. Creating a timeline sounds interesting.
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