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  1. sweetwhisper

    sweetwhisper Well-Known Member

    Im trapped in this body
    Raging to come out,
    Theres words in my mind
    That I do need to shout.

    I want to leave this world
    Yet I want to survive,
    Im facing so much pain
    Yet Im still here alive.

    The hurt and the suffering
    Taunting my mind,
    Im lost and Im broken
    Its me I cannot find.

    My mind is really puzzled
    Can I really survive,
    But Ive come this far already
    And Im still here alive.

    There is some part of me
    That doesn't want to go,
    So I need to stay strong
    And take each day quite slow.

    My mind is just a battle
    Deciding to survive,
    But so far I succeed
    As Im still here alive.

    This feeling within me
    Is so overwhelming,
    I need some direction
    Like a boat that needs helming.

    I need to stay focused
    I need to survive,
    I cannot give up
    I need to stay alive.

    Grasping that control
    Over my mind,
    Only then its possible
    That myself I will find.

    I just want to die
    Yet I want to survive,
    So let my mind battle
    Because right now Im alive!

    Im still here today
    And hopefully tomorrow,
    I need to look ahead
    And hold back the sorrow.

    I will try to SURVIVE
    I will find the strength,
    I will try to be ALIVE,
    I will give my life more length!

    - I don't know if this poem even makes sense to you all, but just reading this over makes me realise how confused I am and how much my mind battles in deciding whether to take my own life or not! Part of me wants to because of the pain and I feel beyond help, but there's a part of me that just doesn't want to!
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOur poem makes so much sense your words could have been spoken by many of us hun We do not want to die we want the sadness and the pain to go away and i hope you have good supports in rl to help you get through each day hugs
  3. sweetwhisper

    sweetwhisper Well-Known Member

    I'm glad it makes sense to you :) yeah we want the painn to go away :( sometimes it's just too difficult to express how we feel and sometimes a way I express it is through my poetry ..thank you total eclipse, hugs to you also :)
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I use to write poetry all the time hun it was the only way for me to release the pain it is a very good tool
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