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Survived a hanging?

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Sashi0, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Sashi0

    Sashi0 Well-Known Member

    I have only made one real attempt on my life, around this time last year. I will admit I have thought of slitting my wrists and taking pills, but last year I really had gone through with it with a clear mind. I wrote an apology letter, disposed of items I did not want found, < Mod Edit - Method > It was a horrible, horrible experience. My face burned up, my eyes were burning and I was in agony. I started to finally feel so much pain and dizziness. As I was finally drifting into sleep (or I guess passing out) I felt like I was flying and I fell on the ground, hard. Ended up the rod broke with my weight and it totally fell on the ground along with me. When I woke up my throat was in SO much pain, so much phlegm and my vision was blurry. I at first was in total denial of what I had done, I laughed about being to heavy to hang myself properly. It took a day to sink in that I was still alive, and on that night I cried so much. I haven't spoken about it or thought about it in a while, but the holidays are just not my favorite time of year... sorry if I am making anyone uncomfortable.

    I have never known of anyone to actually hang themselves and survive, I guess I needed to do it better.
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  2. wordman

    wordman Member

    Please don't kill yourself...


    I want to be your friend, okay? I'm picking you, specifically.
  3. tilly

    tilly Member

    I read a few months back of someone else who survived a hanging. He ended up a quadraplegic. The post was made on the 7th January in 06, try looking on page 19 of "after Affects" it's called " the result of a suicide attempt". It's so sad what happened. There are no second chances when something like this happens. Please don't try that again.
    I'm not big on Christmas holidays either. They are a real downer for me. Just stick around, they'll be over soon enough. Things are constantly changing so you never know what good things could come to you next year
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  4. Sashi0

    Sashi0 Well-Known Member

    I actually searched and found it. I tried to contact that member but seems he has not been active for a long long time. :sad: I am grateful that, such a horrible thing like that did not happened to me. Thanks, I needed to see that. :hug:
  5. booeyburgers

    booeyburgers Active Member

    that sounded terrifying. why did you choose hanging?
  6. Sashi0

    Sashi0 Well-Known Member

    I chose hanging because compared to other methods, there is no backing out. I had nothing to lift myself up from if I had changed my mind. Something prevented me from dying and I will try not to think much about it.
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