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    I <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> last year and landed in my head, I had no idea how I survived but I had hemorhages, multiple jaw and teeth fractures, a partially ripped aorta, multiple hand and elbow fractures, a collapsed lung, and a ripped stomach.

    Well I have a patch over my aorta now and It's been a little over a year so there's probably new skin covering over the patch to secure it in place right now. I have a bunch of scars all over my body, including a huge one going through the left side of my rib cage to the upperside of my back. My hemorhage stopped bleeding by itself so the doctors said I was really lucky because they couldn't do surgery on it. I also had multiple teeth and jaw fractures, so many of my teeth are fake. I have some metal hardware where my hand and elbow are.

    <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods>
    I woke up in the hospital but still have all the memories from that day, the doctors were surprised how I survived and how I remembered everything.

    The paramedics didn't rush me to the hospital right away, they were trying to stick tubes down my throat to feed me oxygen, it was 30 minutes later before they drove me to the hospital, they didn't think I would make it anyways. Blood was spewing from my mouth, ears, and nose. <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> Nobody thought I would make it.

    When I woke up in the hospital it was complete hell because I was so sick and so weak, I actually woke up 14 hours after and I could feel slight pain but not much, surprised by how well the medication subdued the pain. I was in there for a month and a half total before being sent to a psych ward for a few more months for evaluation. I had a fever from all the surgeries, the fever lasted 2 weeks and I hallucinated a lot from the fevers and the nightmares were extremely scary and felt so real. I had a lot of non-life-threatening surgeries delayed such as my hand and elbow due to the fever.

    I didn't eat much, I couldn't eat much, I eventually developed the stomach flu and that was complete hell. I had food in tubes stuffed down my stomach and with wires hooked up all over my body to feed me nutrients. When I first got up to walk, it was really weird because I could not walk at all! When the nurse told me we were going to take a walk for the first time, I didn't know that I couldn't walk, so I quickly tried standing up and she was screaming wait wait but my stubborness caused me to tumble on the ground, I had minimal control of my legs so it took a couple of weeks for me to re-walk again.

    I had not a nurse, but one of those nurse-helper people watch me 24/7 while I was in the hospital because I was in the top floor and they were afraid I would try to break the windows and jump out or something. When I was in the mental health ward, I was being watched 24/7, even when I shower and brush my teeth. We couldn't have anything sharp, we couldn't have anything at all. The walls were made out of reinforced polycarbonate or something and it was very hard to break. There would be people watching me even when I sleep through those see-through walls. Had no privacy at all whatsoever.

    There's more personal things to the story but I don't want to add specific detail because I want to try and stay anonymous. To this day I j
    ust wished that I would of died that day, sometimes I just wished that I did.
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    what a terrible experience you've had ...
    I'm glad you shared it with us....
    you are a very strong person to have survived what you did...
    I don't think you are meant to die....
    how are you feeling now?
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    welcome and thanks for sharing. hopefully it will help deter someone else from a similar outcome. i hope you are doing a little better each day. and keep talking. we're listening.
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