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Survivor of an Overdose

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Just a few weeks ago, luckily I survived thanks to the grace of God, I attempted to end my life in an overdose (I will not go into the details on what type and amount)

What went through my mind was how hopeless my life has became. I have been through a world of hurt since Middle School with kids (both boys and girls) making fun of me because of my weight and appearance. This dragged on until the end of Middle School and then became a loner all through out High School. Through out these years of being Socially Inept, I began to have a lack of self confidence and self esteem and the feeling of never being loved after going through failed relationships.

What finally triggered me to make that attempt was pressure to succeed and pass my classes in College when my parents harped at me because of my grades. All I remembered was waking up when going to the hospital and thinking to myself "God, what have I done?" and then taking a bad tasting carbon.


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im glad you survived and thanks for sharing part of your story.Welcome.Welcome to the forum!We/i am here for you if you need.im glad you found us and hope to see you around.Take care.kath.
I am glad your life was spared and you felt you could share your story with us. People can be so cruel. I think they only ridicule and tease others to make themselves feel better. How sad that in order to feel good about yourself, you need to make others hurt. Well, my thought anyway. I am sorry these people felt the need to tease you over weight and appearance. You are just as valuable a person regardless of size or looks. Each life is important. The sooner people realize this the better off we will be as a society. You will find much support here. You will not suffer the same ridicule from us as you do in RL. I hope you are able to make yourself at home with us. PM me if you need someone to talk with. I am willing to do what I can to help you out. I understand what it is like to be teased and bullied about things. Take care and stay safe. You are among friends here. :hug:


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Hi Seizon sha and thank you for sharing your survival with us, I'm very glad you are able too.
How are you feeling now, physically & mentally?

Take care Hazel x
I think it is taht way with about anything that makes you terribly sick. I have trouble with apples because I had a bad one once. Now the smell causes me to run.
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