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    Well I just wanted to share a bit about myself,Im a new member.Ive been through alot in life more so than alot,yet im only twenty.When i was younger like elmentary/middle school I had some major health issues.Thankfully I had amazing care and great doctors and you were never know what I had been through by just looking at me. But the trauma of the operations and such put made me incredibly self conscious,the weird thing no one else knew I was struggling everyone except my family just thought I was a nice cute kid.It got too the point where while I was in high school before college,it was a huge struggle just to walk in the hall between classes cause I was so self conscious. Then it became aware that I have a chemical imbalance. So far Im on my 3rd or 4th med and nothing has worked.Around 3 months ago I found my dads firearm in his room,I tried to fire it several times and it didnt go off something was caught or something. To this day sometimes I wish it had of that is not all my story just some info. Wanted to hear what you all thought. looking forward to talking.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    I'm really glad it didn't go off, you've been given a second chance :hug:

    Please keep talking and we'll help you get through this.
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