Survivors Right

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    I've known this but sometimes I forget it. I did some terrible things in my past but that's what happens in situations like the one I was in. I was simply trying to survive and did what I thought I had to. Sure what they did to me changed me forever and there is a dark side to me now but there is also my good , caring heart which is seen more often than not. What happen was not and never will be right. Things like that should never happen even though a part of me rationalizes it as necessary. I was not responsible for what happened however. I was merely a victim of the circumstances. I am and forever will be what they made me.
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  2. Sa Palomera

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    Sorry I can't offer any proper words of advice or support, but I just wanted you to know I care :hug:

  3. BlackPegasus

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    Thanks hun!! I know it's not easy caring for someone like me. :hug:

    I've lived in silence for so long unable to turn to anyone till I found a couple of fellow survivors. Now the reality of my past is accepted but I long to find others.