Swallowed by Darkness

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    I've just graduated high school but have no motivation for anything most of the time I feel like I'm stuck in the dark its hard for me to feel anything I put on the brave face and act like the tough chic inside I'm hollow I have some friends but I dont talk much to them except on the phone the bad part about having to move a town over but having no income at the moment I had to move in with family where I was before got to bad I was being verbally abuse talk down to the point I was close to suicide but having my dog stoped me because if I was gone she'd have no one to take care of her this is my first time on a sight like this I don't know what to expect I just tired of being lost
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    Hi hun i am sorry your family is so toxic toward you Have you talked to your doctor got some help to pull you out of depression your in. There are gov grants you can get if you chose to move on to college it would be a way to move out and be with people your own age. First though get your depression looked at ok so you will have the motivation to look at other options for you
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    I don't have insurance I was getting government assistance intill last month when it stoped.and I am wary about pills I had a friend who was put on them for her depression she told me it was like someone injected her with false happiness I'm scared of that & I had A.D.D when was younger and the pills they put me on I was either a zombie or they upasted my stomach to the point I had to go to the E.R. so they could flush my system so I'm not big on pills as well as Lately I barly have the drive to clean the house beyond that its hard for me to think about thank you for your help its nice being able to talk to some one about my depression
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    Oh and I live with family now to get out of the situation I was in before