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swallowed by the pit

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Dunno what's up with me this morning.

Had a really bad night, where I kept running all these scenarios in my head, they all had something to do with my hubby.
No matter what I did to try and divert myself away from having phantom conversations with him, my head kept going back to them.

Finally fell asleep, but have woken up in the depths of the pit.

I feel like there's nothing left of me, just a miserable feeling that I can't seem to get passed.

I'm actually scared of how depressed I feel...WHAT DO I DO ????!!!!!

lost soul


Please go easy on yourself hun, you are worth it. Do you want to go into any of the things that are in your dreams/thoughts?would that help?

Have you told a dr about how low you are feeling and are you on ad's?

maybe sit down with a hobby or a crossword to occupy your mind, maybe discuss with your hubby the feelings that you keep feeling.
Awwwwww Dev!! :hug:

I think maybe your thoughts maybe your mind trying to get over whats happened, its perfectly normal, you had a big shock and its gonna take time to get over that. This will pass, just give it time and stick in there, i know for sure that you can beat this! and im certainly not gonna let you give up!

Keep your chin up,

You know im allways here for you!

Vik xxx



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Thanks Vikki, I think I've got a bad dose of Campbell disease.
Keep hoping he'll come back and then everything will be ok.

Trouble is I know he's not and even if he did how could every thing be ok ever again???!!!

The trust has gone for ever...he murdered it. I just wish he'd stop posting these damn silly comments online all the time. They are playing with my mind and making me think all sorts.

Sorry to be such a wet blanket.
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