Sweet Charity, I'm Coming Home.

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  1. SevenStorySelf

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    It used to be that I would stay awake at night
    Not because I had to, or that I had things to do
    But just because, to see things I'd otherwise have missed
    A million things go by like this
    Things I could have seen, things I could have done
    People I could have met, people I could have been.
    Now I stay awake at night, but not just because
    I lie awake at night thinking of these thoughts
    Wondering which version of me I'd have been happy with
    But as sure as I lose sleep, I know they all have a common factor
    An indivisible element
    A boy, lying awake in his bed with his mind ablaze
    Wanting more than anything to be asleep.

  2. ~CazzaAngel~

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