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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Ire, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Ire

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    Ahh, I was doing really good for a few days. Then today it just hit me and I snapped really bad, fortunatly I was alone. I cut myself and took an axe to a spare wireless router I had, screamed and yelled.

    Now I finally gave in, and am drinking my moms horribly nasty cheapo boxed red wine. she said the next time I drank from it I would have to pay her 20$... whatever. Worth it.

    I needed this SOOO bad. Have not been drunk in two weeks, and I really needed it tonight. This stuff is wretched and makes me wanna puke, but my sister failed on buying me vodka. Vodka is good.

    sweeeet relief. Its kicking in lol
    Dunno why Im posting this...

    Mmm well I wanted to do this http://concessioncomic.com/index.php?pid=20080307

    But dont have access to drugs. But this works. It just is nasty as hell. Stupid red wine, so acidic. My stomach really doesnt like it... but I was so desperate.

    Yayyyy escape!:laugh:
  2. lifes_cruel01

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    LOL im talkin' to u on msn an ur hella drunk XD
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