Sweet, Sweet Alcohol

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Fire_N_Ice, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Fire_N_Ice

    Fire_N_Ice Member

    Anyone else having a hard time using alcohol to cope with mental/emotional pain? I've tried to not use it but I don't really care anymore, other than to not drink and drive (don't want to hurt others) or around my kids too much...
  2. takencontrol

    takencontrol Well-Known Member

    yeah me too, and i want it so bad right now.
  3. Fire_N_Ice

    Fire_N_Ice Member

    My dad is an alcoholic, although has gotten better w/age (not violent) but it really is not something I like to rely on...I am NOT into illegal drugs at all and alcohol is easy to get and helps the pain (I have a low tolerance level, lol)...idk I just wish I could manage things on my own...
  4. takencontrol

    takencontrol Well-Known Member

    i am an alcoholic too.... i like how it makes me feel numb, blocks out the pain... but then come the shakes, the cravings.... they are so strong...
  5. NiceGuYKC

    NiceGuYKC Well-Known Member

    I think I'm starting to go downhill again.
    This Friday night, I'll drink an insane amount of drink. It often seems to help ease my pain and bury these thoughts. Sometimes it makes me a lot worse.
    Fingers crossed, I'll enjoy it this time.
    I just wish it didn't aggravate my horrible bowel condition. That always happens after I drink, as if the hangovers weren't bad enough.
  6. kote

    kote Account Closed

    ive always been a heavy binge drinker and loved it. but since this summer i started to drink 6-8 cans a day sometimes going outafter and having much more and having the shakes.
    i realised straight away this could be/lead to a problem!!!
    so i went to my dr and he gave me a powdered medicine which make alcohol repulsive to you. a very simple solution. if you drink you are seriously sick. i had the shakes yesterday and wanted a drink but i was too afraid to try any. there is help if you can admit it and ask for it.
  7. Seager

    Seager New Member

    I am newbie here, but I hope u can find the strength, maybe my asking for advise can help you. u said u have children and as a mother what do u think
    .Alcohol has hurt so many within our family, it contues to cause pain. My neice attempted suicide alast nite and her mother, my sister has attempted many times thru-out her life. I know this may be the wrong forumn but I just am so struggling as to keep this " a secret" per her request as the disfuntional family will blwo things way out of control. I don't want to play god. maybe u can help me...:sheep2:
  8. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    I'm 105 lbs and a few mouthfuls of vodka are one of few things that can put me to sleep fine.
  9. Kassy

    Kassy Well-Known Member

    I drank today, after 3 months of not.
    And I tell you, if I am still alive next Friday and my therapist tells me I am out of the therapy because of it, I kill myself in his office.

    I know it was the deal, but he keeps forgetting at what point my life sucks.

    And the day is not over yet.
  10. Countdelafey

    Countdelafey Active Member

    I don't drink every day cus I'm not 21. But I've gone months without skipping a day. Right now though I just worry with how much I do drink. Last month I was hospitallized when I was found passed out on the side of the road.
  11. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member

    I've gotten drunk twice this week which for me is very uncharacteristic, i usually only get drunk at new year. Alcohol makes everything seem much nicer.
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