Swine flu??

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    I have been terribly ill since Thursday.. I am taking Tamiflu, but it does not seem to be helping. I think I have the swine flu.....because I had a normal flu shot, but I didn't want to take the swine flu one. On Halloween, I finally explored the club scene down town. It was somewhat alright, but nothing compared to Europe. Momentarily, I forgot about my ex. I hung out with a very cute rebound guy and now I haven't heard anything from him in days... I really thought he clicked and he made me forget about the ex-BF... Now, I have nothing and nobody to dream about. I feel like I am dying. My throat is so bad that I can not even swallow. Yesterday, my fever was up to 103. In a way, I wish this think would kill me peacefully and fast. I guess I don't really mean it, but I need an escape. Sleep is sometimes the only escape.... Being alone in your 20s sucks. I need the security of a relationship... I need another half.... Please respond and I will tell you more. I am too tired to type tonight and my mom is being a bi***. She hid my pain pills from when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and will not even give me a half of one, so I can get some sleep because my throat has me in excruciating pain.......
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    I was on such a high during the first half of this week. Now, I am so miserable and I can't even leave my house to forget about things or get any studying done because I am so sick. Never before have I been this ill.
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    Have you been to a doctor yet? I don't know if I read that or not.
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    Hey C,

    That's terrible :( Perhaps you should go to the hospital?
    I know you're mad at your mum atm, but its great that she's there and looking after you.
    Get well soon :hug:
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    Thanks for the well wishes... Yes, I had been to the doctor on Wednesday... He gave me tamiflu. It seemed to be working for my flu symptoms but then my throat and tonsils felt terrible. I was in the worst pain. My mom ended up giving me 1/4th of a pain pill last night. It did zero for me. No pain went away and it might have even helped to suppress my breathing. In the morning, my tonsils were swollen so bad that I could not even breath or swallow or even talk. My mom was at the office and I was home alone. I tried to call her, but no answer. My dad's phone was off. I thought I was going to die. I started to get really dizzy and I felt like I was fainting so I called an ambulance. I was taken to the hospital this morning in excruciating pain.. My mom arrived shortly after. I was told that my flu (because it knocks the immune system) caused me to get another infection in my throat. The doctor thinks I have strep. He gave me two shots. One was to get rid of the swelling. I feel a little bit better, but still terrible....
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    It seems like some professors have no consideration for the fact that I was extremely sick. Not to mention, after being on all this medication, it drains a person out. I am emotionally and physically drained. Not to mention, I have zero to look forward to. I can't even look at myself in the mirror because I look like death. My schedule doesn't even give me time to work out anymore. SF has become all I have. Within a week, my life went from improving to back down the hole.... My jerk dad hasn't even called me.
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    I had the Swine a couple weeks ago. And believe me; it's nothing to be worried about. Just lay in bed and drink lots of juice.
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