Symptom masking of chronic conditions

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by aoeu, Dec 31, 2009.

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    This may be more of a rant than anything useful, but why the fuck would a doctor ever suggest painkillers to treat something chronic/progressive BEFORE exhausting all other options? That's what I've been suggested for what I'm concerned may be arthritis in the works, and also for back pain associated with a specific injury. I had only a blood test recommended for the former (came back negative) and only an X-ray for the latter (came back negative, but the injury seems most likely to be a soft tissue injury so it would be negative).

    Their suggestions? Advil for the former, Tylenol for the latter. Just mask it until it progresses to the point it can not be masked, and then treat the badly aggravated condition! :\
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    Lame. Sounds like your doctor gets a D for effort.

    I have arthritis and it took me a while and changing doctors until someone took me seriously.
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    I found some success with supplementation - glucosamine+chondroitin+MSM has some evidence going for it for treatment of arthritis based on a large NIH study (that, however, did not focus on the combination specifically). It reduced the pain for me a good deal.

    As for the back pain, still working on that one... Maybe after I demonstrate vastly increased core body strength with no appreciable change in back pain he'll go for an MRI.