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    Totalitarian Executives Accelerate Mortality (the production workers' lament)

    Those with a life need not apply.
    We can't use you if you won't die
    to serve our greed.

    Robots are all we hire here.
    Machines are what we hold most dear
    'cause they don't bleed.

    "More bricks, no straw, work longer days,"
    that mean ol' Pharaoh was heard to say,
    "You're just not tryin'!"

    The importance of Family is nothing new -
    but only for us, not the likes of you.
    So quit your cryin'.

    Soothe the stockholders, placate the Chief,
    or your employment will be brief.
    There's room in the breadlines.

    We'll fix anything that isn't broke.
    Our truth is mostly mirrors and smoke.
    That won't make headlines.*

    Corporate deceit is common these days.
    This country is going through a selfish phase,
    and we're going to flaunt it.

    You're victims of an industrial stickup.
    What we throw down, you have to pick up -
    so there's the gauntlet.



    *before Enron
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  2. Hmmm...you know...once you get your words back, as it seems you are, you're fantastically brutal! Effective!! (merciless - but for those here you always hold in highest regard...)(and i don't care when the piece was written, you remembered and found it - inside of you...) It matters.

    You matter.

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