Take it or leave it?

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  1. cots

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm in a dilemma and would like some advice.

    I have recently been called up by a previous employer from 2 years ago to go for an interview and I'm not sure if I should. I left the job previously without notice because of all the drama this coworker was causing me. Upon receiving news that he has left the company I decided to sign up for the job again.

    Now another coworker called me up today and told me that the drama hasn't ended even though that coworker's now gone. I'm now unsure if I should go down for the interview or should I just leave it because I love the job but I really hated the drama. This is causing me much stress. Advice, please?
  2. Forgotten_Man

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    I say take the interview to gauge if the drama is still there or not. Once the interview is over feel free to talk to anyone who has been there the whole time. You never know things might have changed.
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    its wierd how do you reply to peoples odd comments, then makes me think if i opt out of life and be sucessfull willo the news media get their dirty hands on my post. im just really not liking my self or life in general right now and really have no one to understand expect offer lame postive quotes