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Take Me Somewhere

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by fromthatshow, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Someone take me anywhere. I just want to go.
    Anyone wanna take a train to anywhere with me?
  2. pastelmoon

    pastelmoon Active Member

    Can we go to the moon? I've heard that whales live there in moon castles.
  3. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I wanna go to the moon!
  4. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    What time the train is going there? I dont want to be late.
  5. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    :biggrin: well if anyone is serious send me a private message and we'll do it up
  6. Dying embers

    Dying embers Well-Known Member

    Lol I know this mood! Wish I could go somewhere with you but I'm wrong side of the atlantic right now :(
    Though I am flying to America for the first time next month and taking a bus to The Yukon if you wanna come on that? :biggrin:

    U ok?
  7. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    I am serious, i want to go somewhere, to meet ppl from SF, to see them, talk to them in person. The problem is, we are so far from each other. :sad:
  8. ASG

    ASG Member

    Here's an expansion on your theme. Why go for something temporary when you can plan for a long term solution?

    I don't have the resources, but I've been thinking--maybe dreaming would be more accurate--for a long time about founding a community for lonely depresssed like-minded anti-social singles and wannabe singles somewhere in a beautiful alpine setting with a semi-mild winter-summer climate not too far from a major metropolitan area we could maybe do some marketing in to sustain ourselves--and no I don't mean sell flowers. I actually have something high tech in mind but I'm not going to get into it right now.

    Whistler in BC, Canada would be the ideal place but I don't know if it would be feasible without getting some sort of visa exemption for Americans. There are plenty of other places.

    It would be like a great big 24-7 accessible support group for the lonely, angst ridden, depressed, alienated and hopeless. We'd be divorced from the society that has been so hostile to us but we'd be socially enfranchised, some of us maybe for the first time in our lives. It would be a closed semi-socialized community, but it would be a community, not a cult or a commune--although it might evolve to have some features of the latter. Ideally we'd be self-sustaining, have our own stores, doctor, dentist etc. Heck with enough people we could buy land or a resort somewhere and incorporate, especially in the current market.

    It's ambitious and large scale at first glance yes, but really it's modest when viewed from a relative perspective. Measure it against it's purpose. Now how ridiculous and far fetched is it?

    The time for thinking small has long since passed when an epidemic has already taken so many of us.
  9. Canti

    Canti Guest

    Holy shit i would SO be up for jumping on one of those huge freight trains with someone. Get away from everything with only eachother for company, maybe a nice acustic nylon string guitar.

    It could be like a love story. The two people get closer and in the end they travel everywhere together, a true friendship. And a guitar.

    Now i want to cry because theres no way i could ever have that.
  10. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Oh my god this is a great idea. You should make a new thread about this and get it stickied or something so maybe people from here can work towards this.

    And as for the other posts on here I'm up for anything I just want to go somewhere. Train, bus, whatever. Hopping on a huge freight train sounds great lol. Especially with an acoustic guitar! That'd be the only thing I'd bring with me! :biggrin:
  11. 2cents

    2cents Well-Known Member

    that's the spirit of the Hippie!! :biggrin:
    though i'm far from hippie as an asian, but i quite love Hippie's lifestyle seems carefree and enjoy life, cramping in a vw van with reggae music and weed (well, i never tried those stuff but sounds exciting), camp out, travel around..
  12. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    yay let's do it! :smile:
  13. Canti

    Canti Guest

    Exept i wouldnt be a hippy if i do it. Damn hippies.
  14. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    So guys, when are we going? :biggrin:
  15. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    Crazy people... for this you need someone with a level head who will be the devils advocate and think of all the problems we might encounter. Raising money? And how exactly are we to keep eachother from killing ourselves, or worse a mass suicide?
    If there's a way to leave our lives behind and get new ones that we're happy with, maybe this is worse thinking about, there wouldn't be a more willing crowd. We need to think of all possible solutions. I can see some modifications made to SF itself - for starters. Maybe an international club, where we all play as both therapists and patients? We could organize trips together, help eachother out with even more than words. It would keep us from despair and will be much healthier than sulking on some website.
  16. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I think we should organize trips. That would be great!
    First one in the US please :laugh:
  17. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Alright so within the next week or two I'm leaving home with hardly a thing. Probably hitchhiking around. Going to visit a girl from North Carolina. Can't stay there tho, so I'll be sleeping in parks, killing time at libraries, and eating at soup kitchen's.
    Anyone else ready to leave it all behind and join me? Think it will be hella fun.
  18. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Nice. I've thought of this.
  19. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni


    big big big :hug:s for fts. I feel like that a lot.

    I'd totally consider going with you, but I am instead bound by domestic obligations.

    You be safe.
  20. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    Wow Spencer I'd love to do this :biggrin: I'm so jealous, it sounds amazing
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